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    The purpose of this blog is to practice my craft in Journalism, since I do have a Bachelor's Degree in it. It is used to express my thoughts about the past, present and future experiences I and possibly others, faced. It's purpose is to teach and enlighten others, as well as learn from and get enlightened by others. It's a safe space so all thoughts can freely be expressed as long as you can do it in an adult manner.
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Gaining A Clear Mind

Quarantine and situations during this time has reminded me the importance of having a clear mind. A clear mind means so much and although we are not perfect or will still face troubles, the goal is to be clear as possible. With a clear mind, I will: Practice more patience. View opinions from other perspectives. … Continue reading

How To Stay Afloat During Quarantine

To my readers, before I start with the post, I deeply want to apologize for not writing this post sooner. Some may have needed these tips prior so their time social distancing can be better. I have been quite busy during social distancing and trying to make sure I stay busy and not in a … Continue reading

What To Do While At Home

Hey all, Hopefully everyone is safe and out of harms way. I know COVID-19 and this pandemic is a scary moment in all of our lives, but please make sure you hang in there. Please make sure you do what makes you comfortable and at your own pace. My recommendation is to make sure you … Continue reading

All About Love

In 2020, I started a book club with some friends and I felt that it was fine and needed. At the time in my life, it was needed and right now, I am thankful for it. The first book we started in February 2020 was called “All About Love: New Visions,” by Bell Hooks. At … Continue reading


I strongly dislike them. I suffered with acne my whole life. My skin has always been the type that when it gets scarred or bruised, you’ll see it for sure. I’ve done a lot to try to avoid pimples and I thought getting in my 30s, I will not see pimples anymore. But here I … Continue reading

#TheresFoodAtHome2020 and How You Can Succeed

A few weeks ago, those who follow me via my social media platforms have seen me post about saving more money and one of the methods was by not eating out. Yes, I am a foodie. Yes I love a good restaurant or two…. or three. Yes, I would love to give a good recommendation … Continue reading

Empanada Mama

In 2020, my goal was to remind myself “I have food at home.” Although, this is forever the motto, it does not hurt to treat yourself every once in a while. And yes, I am a foodie. My goal for a few years was to go to this restaurant and try their food. Finally, yesterday, … Continue reading

Protecting My Peace

2020 is here. It’s a new decade and a new year. New time ford beginnings and restarts. Ending 2019, I realized my peace has been disturbed for a bit. My goal for 2020 is to protect my peace. Most of you have seen people post about protecting their space, energy and peace. Everyone has different … Continue reading

The Last Czar

Netflix has been so good to me. I will admit that; it has exposed me to good shows and series, and I recently encountered Season 1 of The Last Czar. As a child, I was always fascinated with the story of the Romanov’s and Anastasia. Watching the cartoon, I was under the impression that the … Continue reading

World Peace

By: Martin Dejnicki   When wars and conflicts totally cease, In our world, there shall be peace. People must learn to get along, Not blame others, for being wrong. They fight for control, fight for land, Some just need a helping hand. We must rid ourselves of vanity, And embrace peace, through humanity. Wars make … Continue reading