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    The purpose of this blog is to practice my craft in Journalism, since I do have a Bachelor's Degree in it. It is used to express my thoughts about the past, present and future experiences I and possibly others, faced. It's purpose is to teach and enlighten others, as well as learn from and get enlightened by others. It's a safe space so all thoughts can freely be expressed as long as you can do it in an adult manner.
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My Time In Southeast Asia

The feeling of being jet lagged is an uncomfortable, annoying and long process. For someone who hates the feeling, I sure travel a lot. I would say despite the feeling, the trip I recently took to Southeast Asia was 100% worth it. Three days shy of 3 weeks, I traveled from New York City to … Continue reading

Adulting 101

As a toddler or teenager, one of our favorite quotes was, “I can’t wait until I’m older.” We usually said this when something did not go our way and someone older than us told us we were ineligible to participate in some sort of activity. Now, those same people that are older (myself included) at times … Continue reading

Supporting One Another

Supporting others goes a long way. No, not just supporting a random page you see on your IG story. I’m talking about utilizing your resources and supporting those you know. At times, we speak to people on a daily basis, but don’t even know what their full potential is. Not knowing what they can do, … Continue reading


her grandmother called her from the playground        “yes, ma’am”        “i want chu to learn how to make rolls” said the old woman proudly but the little girl didn’t want to learn how because she knew even if she couldn’t say it that that would mean when the old one died she would be … Continue reading

Henny Shrimp

I’m always down for trying new recipes, especially when it has good reviews. Today, my friend and I were cracking jokes and then he sends the link below. The link shows people how to make Henny Shrimp. I think this can definitely be good because you can eat and get tipsy at the same time! … Continue reading

NYC Restaurant Week: Sea Food Grill

As NYC Restaurant Week is coming to an end, I decided to attend another location… Sea Food Grill. The ambiance… very nice, somewhat bright. It is very spacious with a nice bathroom and good bar space. I did not look to see if there were any usual bar specials; however, they had drink specials for … Continue reading

NYC Restaurant Week: Empire Steakhouse

NYC Restaurant Week is coming to an end and I decided to go out to a place I never been. My friend who went with me wanted steak as an option, so while looking at what’s on the list…. Empire Steakhouse was on the list. With restaurant week, we were able to get an appetizer, … Continue reading

The Handmaid’s Tale

“Blessed be the fruit.” A term I laughed at in the beginning because of the way it was said and because it was always said. I actually laughed and did not know the meaning of it. Before I get into my fascination with this show…. let’s rewind back. One evening, I go to my friend’s … Continue reading

Heyyy New Friends

This business, my baby, has been a great edition to 2018. First started as ideas on paper, Heyyy New Friends became real on 2/25/2018. The purpose of 2/25/2018 was to have a day party to promote our services (event planning and networking). We cater to all events people may want planned and do not want … Continue reading

Small Black Business I WOULD NOT Support Again

One positive thing Instagram has done for business owners is allow them to promote and perfect their brand via social media. It has allowed business owners to not only get more clients, but be in contact with them. One brand that I will no longer support again (sad to say) is Chef Jus Blaze. My … Continue reading