My Right Problem

In high school, I went to Six Flags with a few friends. We were having fun on this hot day and of course, we went on the water ride section of the park. We decided to go on the long slide ride (I forgot the exact name) and continue with the other rides. When it was my turn, I knew that I had to fold my arms and put them across my chest as I slid down the water slide.

So, I did so and went down the slide. As I was going down the slide, my swimming trunks were flying up my thigh, giving me a wedgie. I decided to move my right arm to fix it as I was going down the slide, didn’t thinking anything bad was going to happen, but it did. As I got off the ride once I was at the end of the slide, I felt a gush of liquid on my hands.

It turned out that I cut myself while fixing my wedgie and I had to go to the emergency part of Six Flags. Very embarassing, smh. After we left the park and days went by, the spot where I bled at formed into a circle like spot on my hand, which looked like a wart (and can still be). Since that happened, I was able to get the spot (on my right hand) to go down and it look more decent then it originally looked. As years went by, it still remains on my hand.

Recently this summer, that spot has started to hurt quite a bit and now my question to everyone is, what should I do? Should I remove it or should I leave it? Being that it has been around for at least 4 years, I’m used to it being on my hand (even though I’m self conscious of it every once in a while). So to my audience, what would you do if you were in my shoes?


My Right Hand & It's "Friend"

2 Responses to “My Right Problem”
  1. I told you long ago to get that checked out, and maybe removed. If its ok and you wanna keep it then do so, but i would go to a doctor first

  2. Ash says:

    I think that if it is hurting you off and on, you should at least get it checked out and see if the doctor actually suggests removing it. I’ve always been taught to take any type of pain seriously just in case of it being major. If it doesn’t need to be removed, you don’t have to. My mom used to have a mile on her nose that used to break off and grow back for the past 5-6 yrs… Sometime this year, it went away by itself; so, with that being said it could just go away BUT still go get it checked out. If it bothers you that much, get it removed! love ya!

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