Who Are You?

Social media has a big impact on teens and others who are active members of the websites. Things such as Twitter and Facebook allow people to present themselves and give themselves a certain aura that makes me wonder, do I really know the people who I’m “befriending” or “following.” Based on the fronts that some put up on the websites, the lives that they live on the website and the way they carry themselves, I guess that answer is no for some people. Social media now gives us something to do, lets peopel know us and see what we’re about, but what do you do when someone is portraying themselves as someone they’re really not? What do you say? For those that I feel act one way in person and another way on these websites, I keep them close, but not too close, I watch out because I don’t want to be surprised when their actions are different then the way they portray themselves.

Everyone should be themselves because people might like the real them, if people don’t like the real them, then they are not worthy of your time. I don’t understand why people can’t get that through their head, but like they always say… “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks!”


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