So, I’ve been reflecting on my Spring 2010 semester and a lot of nonsense and foolery occurred. I don’t know if there was something in the water or in te air, but some people were really losing their minds. One thing that came to mind was my student group’s (Pan Caribbean Association) annual fashion show, which was held on Saturday, May 1, 2010 in our Campus Center Ballroom. For months, me, the people on my e-board that did work as well as our coordinators and models put all our hard work and energy to make sure this show turned out decent.

We named the show, “Temptation,” hoping that it would be a show that would attract its audience and it did. In the end, it turned out to be a huge success with people complimenting us for days. One of the things that happened in the show, which made me just smh was this girl or I should say this “trick” did was get up on stage, dance and allow her leggings to fall off her ass on more than once occasion. Before I begin to explain the nonsense she pulled on stage, I’m going to attach the footage of the foolery I captured.

Foolery (Click this link)

Now that you see what she did, I hope the first thing you think is, “C’mon son!” How do your leggings, something that’s supposed to be fitted fall off and on stage? With parents and children in the audience excited to see their son/daughter model in a fashion show? As they all say, “Stop it 5!” I hope my readers still continue to read my posts because I’m about to go in on her. What type of moves were those? First off, they might have been moves from “passa passa,” but she looked dumb doing them.

Then she had multi-color hair, come on silver hair?? Silver hair? You really think you can rock a silver and black hair style? SMH. If she would’ve did blonde and black that’s one thing, but she had silver on like she took some aluminum foil and put it on her hair. Then she sat there and started off her dancing with a split. This girl didn’t even prepare us for what she was about to do, she just hopped on stage and started off with a split. When you start a dance-off, you warm people up, you do some moves, which gives us a warning that a split is coming.

The fact that she did that and audience members were in awe made it look like we coached her to do it, which we didn’t. I frankly don’t even know this girl from a hole in a wall, so I didn’t coach her to embarass herself like that. So after a few days of her display, this girl had the nerve to friend request me on FaceBook like we are friends or know each other. Do you know what I did, I left it in there for a few days and then I denied her. Ok, the show was a success, but you looked dumb in trying to be in the spotlight and we don’t know each other, so no I don’t want to be your FaceBook friend.

She lucky I didn’t have a blog when the situation first happened or else I would’ve blogged about her ass before. Wisdom from Normie is don’t get on stage if you’re not going to look good doing what you got to do. Also, don’t try to look like your idol with multi-color hair (i.e. Nicki Minaj) it’s not fit for everyone. Three, once your leggings start falling off your ass, you know you shouldn’t be wearing them or you should stop doing what you’re doing to make them fall.


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