Lost Look

Today, my mom wanted me to go with her to Middletown, N.Y, and spend some time with her for the day. I agreed since I haven’t been with my mom that much this summer, so we leave Brooklyn and we are driving by the Atlantic Ave Terminal. My mom knows that she has to make a right turn at the corner of the terminal to pass the L.I.R.R. and to go straight to the Brooklyn Bridge.

So she’s trying to make the right turn as a caucasian woman is taking her time and slowly walking across the street. My mom is sometimes a speed devil in the street, so I said, “Mom wait.” She still trying to make her turn as the lady is slowly walking and the woman probably thought in her head that my mom was going to run her down. She might have thought this, but she continued to still walk at her pace, smh.

Once she moved out of the way and my mom was able to complete her right turn, she turns around and gives my mom a confused face and looks at her like, “Were you really going to run me down?” My mom looks back at her and said, “Don’t look at me, walk damn!” I just sat in the front passenger seat, not in awe, but accustomed to how my mom can get when it comes to people doing outrageous things in heavy traffic. After my mom said her peace, we kept it moving to the Brooklyn Bridge towards our destination.

I can only laugh at the stuff that goes on when I’m around my mom and we’re in the car on the go… hope it gave you some humor as well.

4 Responses to “Lost Look”
  1. I love mommy!!!! LMBO!

  2. Mushie says:

    Hahaha! This is funny! Everyone you get in the car with drives crazy….remember our trip to Jersey last year!

  3. Telly585 says:

    lmao omg this is too funny i laughed the whole time lol. Thats called road rage by the way lol

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