One Night Stand Babies

The songs that are played on the radio are now songs with no substance. They are only valuable because they have a nice beat and a few catchy words. What happened to those songs that made you reflect on your life and others? What happened to the songs that you can relate to or the songs that you can have long discussions about?

In this day and age, they’re now gone. For quite a few months, I’ve been listening to the new songs that play on the radio and they are quite catchy, but because I like music with meaning and older music are filled with music, I listen to those more often now.

Today, I was listening to the “One Night Stand,” by J-Shin featuring LaTocha Scott (from Xscape). Even though this song had a nice beat, it definitely was filled with people who can sing. In the song, they spoke about both of them sleeping together and it resulted in the female being pregnant. The problem they also faced was they were unsure who was the father of the baby because even though she had a one night stand with this man, she still was sleeping with her man.

They proceeded to bash each other and the way they both sleep with numerous or other people, but then started to get serious and try to step up to their future responsibility.

One Night Stand (click this link to hear the song)

My questions to my readers are: How do you feel about people having unprotected sex on the first night they meet? How do you feel about both parties agreeing that they were going to have a one night stand, but have it without protection? How would you feel knowing that your child was brought into this world based on a one night stand?

4 Responses to “One Night Stand Babies”
  1. Well you know how i feel about one night stands in general. I think they are crazy. I personally would never have one, because I don’t like thinking that i have just given some random person some shit, that I would want or made my boyfriend or husband work for. But to each their own. If your gonna do it then use protection. Too many babies are getting born these days. Its like the new fashion trend or some shit- if you can’t adopt one from Africa then you gotta have one at some crazy young age. I feel that if you get pregnant in this day and age you wanted to in some small way. There are pills, condoms, then a pill to use the morning after in case the 1st pill fails, and then their is a pill to take care if the baby actually is conceived. Honestly besides babies, the thing everyone needs to be worrying about is STD’s. It’s scary. We avoid them in committed relationships, why the hell not do everything to protect you from a perfect stranger.

  2. The problem I am having is: she cheated unprotected! No, I do not condone cheating but if you’re going to cheat USE PROTECTION! That’s why Maury is making soo much money with all these immature acts going on! The one night stand thing: I personally wouldn’t have a one night stand. To me, sex is something sacred… You don’t play around with sex! But if someone is going to have a one night stand they need to use protection. If they don’t have protection, they don’t need to have sex!

    Now the whole child thing… If it were me, you reap what you sow so you leave with what you produced! Children are a blessing and in this case a blessing in disguise so I would be happy as ever. If the man doesn’t want to be a part of the child’s life that’s on him; another man can raise my baby! But see that’s why people shouldn’t be having random sex unprotectedly with people they don’t know!

  3. Telly585 says:

    The only explanation I could think of in regards to people having unprotected sex with a stranger is that some people actually believe you can tell by just looking at someone whether or not they are STD free or not. Obviously this is not a very good indicator. The freshest dude or female could be a walking incubator of STD’s. People need to weigh their options more carefully. I mean personally, a temporary good feeling is not worth a lifetime of sickness. And most pregnancies are not planned, but sometimes you can tell who may have had a child as a result of a one night stand, based on how they treat their children. It’s not the childs fault. As they say, WRAP IT UP!
    @ Norman’s comment about songs that make you reflect on your life, I would listen to some of Lyfe jennings songs. One in particular that kind of ties into this discussion is his song titled STATISTICS.
    you can find the lyrics here:

  4. nubian163 says:

    These are all good responses, thank you for taking time out to comment.

    Personally, I feel that one night stands are ok, as long as both parties are on the same page. This refers to the expectations they have from themselves and each other and also how would they want to continue their relationship, if they want it to continue at all.

    Unprotected sex on a one night stand (just meeting that person) is something I don’t agree with because you don’t know much about that person from one night. AIDS and STI’s don’t have a name, face or label. The person you least expect can be that one carrying a virus that can negatively effect your body.

    Having a child from a one night stand is a tricky situation. I personally believe in abortions so I wouldn’t be mad at a person who got an abortion because they had a one night stand. I know they’re are people who don’t believe in abortions and that’s fine, but with that situation, i would have to say to each it’s own. I know if it was me in the situation, an abortion is an option, but I wouldn’t get myself caught in the situation to begin with.

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