It’s Been Keeping Me Cool

This year I gained a new friend, which I thought I wouldn’t have. Now that summer has approached, it has definitely been on my side during the times where the sun was trying to kill me. This ‘friend’ is a simple hat.

If one looks at my Facebook Profile, you can see that in the past, I was not a hat person. The year 2010 (and 2009) has brought out a new me when it comes to dressing and a new internal me. I’m glad that I changed up on dressing (thanks to some friends) because I’m older now and it’s time to not only dress my age, but dress for the job that I want. Don’t get me wrong, the clothes that I previously wore were nice, but at this age, it and the style wasn’t good enough for me to continue.

Hats wasn’t something that I did because I thought my head was too big and I was going to look dumb. But now that I tried something new and gave it a chance, I don’t look so bad after all.

Me & Ti (I’m on the bottom)
Me on Beach w/Hat


Based on those two photos, what do you guys think? I look decent with the hat right? If not, let me know, I can stop using hats.

While walking back to my house today, I realize how much I appreciate hats for keeping me warm in the winter and for keeping the sun out of my face in the summer time. I also appreciate them because they are useful when I don’t have a haircut and my hair looks crazy. 🙂

One Response to “It’s Been Keeping Me Cool”
  1. Norman, your head is not big AT ALL!!! I’ve seen big heads and GIGUGANT heads and you do not even fit in those categories! Work them hats like you are the CEO of the company honey!

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