Will You Stay?

Romantic relationships are something that can go different ways, depending on the people and the circumstances. My relationship with my girlfriend (example) may be different than my relationship with my ex-girlfriend (example). So in sum, you can’t put all relationships and situations in the same category.

Because of my fellow blogger, CaniBMe (check her out), I listened to “If You Leave,” by Destiny’s Child. After listening to that song on YouTube, I clicked on the song, “Stay,” by Destiny’s Child.

Stay (Click Here to Listen)

When listening to this song, what are your emotions? What do you think about?

As I listened to the words, I realize that of course, not all relationships are simple and there are times when people loss interests in their significant other. The person in the relationship who may be the one trying to hold the relationship together feels that they may need to do “certain things” to keep the relationship.

Sometimes, things such as having babies, having sex (for couples who don’t have sex) and any other ideas are formed in their minds. One, I thought relationships were 50/50, so do you feel that it’s fair for the person who is doing all the saving to do all the compromising?

  • How do you feel about people giving their signifcant other something that they may be morally against (but willing to give it to save the relationship?
  •  How do you feel about 1 person in the relationship being the one saving the relationship?
  • Why do you feel people do that?
  • If there was anyone in a relationship that was dying and they you were the only one saving it, what was your experience like?


One Response to “Will You Stay?”
  1. “If love wants you it will find you. You can’t choose to love someone whose love hasn’t chosen you!” (Kyle McMillian my lil brother). That quote came to my mind while I was listening to the song and reading the lyrics because throughout the song she’s trying to figure out if “I love you stronger would you stay” and if I did this or that. I have always been told that you can’t make somebody stay with you no matter how much you been through with them and how much YOU love/care for them.

    I think someone who gives their sig. other something that is against their morals isn’t sure of who they are and what they truly want. I don’t think they know exactly what they need and their worth. And I’m speaking from experience so I’m not knocking anybody without going through what I went through. People that have morals should realize that there is somebody out there that will respect them and their morals and will accept them for who they are; there’s no need to conform to what others want from them.

    And I’ve been the one person trying to save the relationship and honestly that crap hurts! Get out of it while you still have the sanity and strength to do so. I always tell my friends that you will put up with so much but there will be a day where you will say to yourself, “Hold up! I’m tired of this ish!” and leave. Don’t fight for somebody when that person is not going to fight for you.

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