In school, especially college, I was always known to have crazy stories. My major in undergrad was journalism, so maybe some felt I was spicing up something to make it a discussion.

But these stories are real, all real and if you hang around me, you will see and observe the same stories. So, since my major was journalism, I can express myself clearly, and I do like to converse and enlighten others as much as possible, some feel I should write a novel one day.

As my reader(s) what do you think? Should I pursue this “fantasy” of writing a novel? If so, what should it be about? What genre should it fall under?

Out of all the experiences and stories that I shared with others, should any of them be in the story? If so, which ones?

Side note: If I do pursue this idea of writing a novel, it won’t be finished by the end of 2010 folks. Lol. I definitely have grad school this fall and hopefully a job as well, so maybe it can be completed by November 2012.

Side note 2: I also wouldn’t write about anyone else’s real life dirt… as a journalist/writer it wouldn’t be right. So, it would have to be an experience I was involved in somehow (if you give me a suggestion).


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