No Traveling For Kids

I always knew that I didn’t want to have any children in my future. My family would always think I’m going to have this nice loving family of my own; however, this was an idea that I did not want to see happen. They would always say “How many kids do you want?” or “When would you like to get married?”

My answer to both of those questions were “none” and “not at all.” Being that they expect a  family from me and I am my mom’s only child, I know I have to produce some type of family in my future, if not for my sake, then for hers. I figured that since I was a good child and didn’t give anyone problems, the “good child” logic would skip a generation. Meaning that if I have kids, they would misbehave. Misbehaving is something I’m not feeling or trying to tolerate.

I also had experience in traveling to different locations via airplane. I know that sometimes families want to go away and bring their children. I, however, will not be bringing my children to any vacation of any sort until they are at least seven years old. This is because the children that act out at the airport and several other locations tend to be the ones who are under seven years old. Being embarrassed in public because my child wants to act out is something I’m not trying to have. So, they won’t travel because of that until they are able to speak properly and know right from wrong.

The situation that made my decision set in stone is when I was at JFK airport last night, trying to go to Florida for my last vacation of the summer. One of my goddaughters wasn’t allowed to push her stroller because we were on the line trying to get checked in. So, this two-year old (my goddaughter) decides to get mad and throw the stroller down and start screaming and crying on the line. As her mom attempted to hush her up, she decided to get louder and bring her voice three levels higher than it originally was.

Me, standing right in front of both of them, was so embarrassed, I can only put my hand over my face. I know most people are saying “If you’re the godfather, why didn’t you do anything? I didn’t do anything simply because boht of her parents were in the area at the time and they don’t allow other people to hit their kids (I would’ve smacked her to the ground if anything). So I left it alone and was embarrassed.

That helped me make my decision that kids should not travel until they are old enough because they are able to catch temper tantrums and not only do people allow it, but they give excuses for them. Any kids of mine are not traveling because if they act out, even if it’s in the subway, my house, anywhere, I will fuck them up (excuse my french).


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