Are trees really healthy for the world?

Sorry for being away for so long my readers, I definitely had an internet outage. However, I am still here and I’m not going anywhere. Over the years, the fight for marijuana has been long and hard; however, it’s one to still mention. In the end, marijuana is considered illegal in the United States and people found with the drug can be sentenced to years of imprisonment.

                Hundreds of people have tried or been dependent on marijuana. This includes my friend Steve (had to change his name for ethical reasons). Steve, someone who I can consider a younger brother/ cousin/nephew, has been using marijuana for five years now. Steve, who is now 18 years old, has been negatively affected by the drug. Evidence of the negative effects is what he’s been saying on this trip to Florida I made during the summer of 2010.

                While in our rented van, Steve has continuously been telling us that there’s a 7/11 store in Kissimmee, Florida, while we explained to him numerous times that we were going to Wal-Mart because someone wanted the diapers and milk there. So, we went Universal Studios/Island of Adventures the second day we got to Florida and Steve wanted to know how come we couldn’t go to the Island of Adventures park the next day.

                We told Steve we couldn’t go because to Island of Adventures because our ticket for both parks was a one day ticket. After we told Steve that, he said ok, an hour later, he continued to ask the same question. We continuously told Steve we couldn’t go, he said, “Oh,” and the cycle kept continuing until he finally got the picture (I think).

                The other stories I will not mention because I don’t want Steve to look any worse than he already is. In sum, I just want to let my readers know that smoking weed at a young age isn’t for everyone. Steve has been tweeking to a point that I’m really worried about him. I don’t know what I should do because I consider Steve family and I knew him ever since he was an adolescent. It’s a shame that his brain cell has deteriorated to the point where I just look and stare at him and laugh.


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