Tips on How to Break up a Fight Without Getting Bruises or Pains

In life, everyone witnesses or participates in fights, physical fights that is. No matter how old a person gets, they always find a way to enter a confrontation with someone.

This includes people who venture on a vacation together. So, we went to Epcot in Orlando, Florida during my summer of 2010.  So, Steve (the 18-year-old weed smoker, who name I changed due to ethical reasons in my previous post) and his older brother, Junior decided to get into an altercation at the Space Shuttle ride in the park. We all got off the ride and Junior’s mother is wheelchair bound. She left her wheelchair at the entrance of the ride and since we were done, it was time for her to get back on the wheelchair.

Steve, who originally had the keys to his mother’s wheelchair, was asked by Junior where the keys were. Steve said, “I gave it to the lady.” Junior asked him what lady and Steve said, “I don’t know.”

Junior, already furious from asking Steve continuously asked how he doesn’t know where the keys were. Steve became upset because he felt his older brother disrespected him and said that he doesn’t have to talk to him like that. Steve kept telling him not to yell or curse at him.

Junior said, “What you said?” and walked over from one side of the waiting area to the next. He got in is younger and shorter brother’s face. Junior told his brother to shut the fuck up and to put his hands down since Steve had his hand up in swinging position. Junior told his brother if he doesn’t put his hand down, he will knock him out.

While this was going on, Junior’s mom, his mother-in-law and others were telling the brothers to calm down before we get kicked out. In my head, I seen and absorbed the events going on and I said, “Oh shit.” So I walked over to Junior’s side and softly grabbed his arm to move him from the fight. I guess the brothers listened to others when they said we can get kicked out. Then the fight ended and everyone split up to continue our journey threw the park.


So the tips, I have for people who are trying to break up a fight without getting a bruise or pain are:

1)      If you are trying to remove them from the situation, don’t grab them with force. Just slightly try to move away and make sure there is space between you two. That way if the fighter is mad and decides to swing at you, you can at least jump back or duck to avoid the hit. Holding them slightly lets them know that you are not a treat or trying to hurt them or anyone else.

2)      If they are yelling, don’t tell them to shut up or tell them to calm down. They don’t like those terms. Just let them know to lower their voice down, so they know that you are not shutting them up, but to give them awareness that they can still talk, but they don’t have to talk so loud.

3)      If you see both parties coming towards each other, don’t stand in their way. This way, you won’t have to worry about getting out of a sticky situation.

4)      If there is one or many cons to them fitting, keep reminding them of what they can lose if they get into this fight. It might remind them that they don’t want to lose out on what they have or can have. 

One Response to “Tips on How to Break up a Fight Without Getting Bruises or Pains”
  1. This post reminds me of a time I had to break up a fight where one person had a knife to another person’s head while the person with the knife had pinned the other person to the ground. Your steps definitely will help the innocent bystander and if step two doesn’t work, whatever they are saying just say, “I understand. Yes. Okay, okay.” and while you’re saying that just gently place your hands on them to get them away from the situation, just like you said. 🙂

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