Fall 2010…. What Will Happen??

As everyone knows, the Spring 2010 semester ended off with me receiving my Bachelor’s Degree from UAlbany. So, now this fall, I will no longer be in Albany, but I will be at a new location… New Haven.

In a month, I will be starting my first semester of grad school at the University of New Haven and I will be having my own apartment. I’m excited about the apartment and finally starting something new; however, I’m nervous at the same time.

I don’t know how things will turn out… if my current relationships with people will change for the worse, if I will do well in class or how my new life will turn out there. Right now, I’m packed to move into the apartment and I have some stuff for it, but living by myself and away from people I’m used to being with… how will everything go?

How will Fall 2010 be for the others that I’m separating from? That question I don’t have the answer to, but I hope all goes well. What do you think?

2 Responses to “Fall 2010…. What Will Happen??”
  1. You are going to have a BLAST!!!! You know what I believe: Once you’re taken out of your comfort zone many more doors open for you then if you stayed in your comfort zone! And besides, you are a well rounded individual who has different circle of friends, you’re easy to get along with and have stories for days! Who wouldn’t love my biffle???? I know things between us wouldn’t change and anyone who is close with you now I know your relationship with them won’t change either just as long as we all understand we are in school and there will be days we won’t speak and to not get upset because we won’t speak for days! You’ll be aaaaiiiiight and so will your relationships with others!

  2. Klassicall Modern says:

    It will turn out with me, Kenny, and Tiff coming up to cause some nonsense!!!!

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