A Thin Line Between Love & Family

Love, a feeling that can be the best thing to one and can have the worse outcome for others, is a feeling that can sometimes be misconstrued depending upon the situation and the person.

With love, comes romantic relationships. For romantic relationships, there is no guideline on who one should be involved with or “messing” with. There are times where one can be wrong on who they choose to be with.. maybe the person was good to be with for a certain period of time, but that doesn’t mean that they are your “soulmate” or “the love of your life.”

My question to my readers are:

  • How would you feel if someone became romantically involved with you for a while and then decided to end things off with you… then they ended up going after your older sibling or relative?
  • How would you feel if you were the one who went from one sibling to the other?
  • How would you feel as the younger sibling knowing that your older sibling or relative was involved with someone who was just involved with you?

These are questions that I want my readers to answer because I have my friend Steve (from the previous posts), who was involved with a person named Mariah (just changed her name for ethical reasons). Steve and Mariah was involved for a while, sexually and claiming each other as being in a relationship with each other.

Steve and Mariah broke things off, but while being with Mariah, he was really liking her older sister Vanessa (just changed her name for ethical reasons). Now, Steve and Vanessa are together, but Mariah is pregnant. Today… July 26, 2010… Mariah just gave birth to a baby boy. Steve said that he’s sure the baby is not his, but when I make jokes about it, he goes along with it. I feel that he is uncertain and I feel like the baby is his.

Because of this situation, I had to make this post because not only do I hear stories like this in real life, but stories like this stem from television shows as well.

People on television are caught sleeping or cheating on their spouse with their family member, friend or associate. The cheaters must think that this is acceptable because they continuously cheat on their spouses with a person that is known or familiar with the relationship.

My other question to my readers are:

  • Where do you draw the line between your family member and your spouse? 
  • How much of a relationship should your family member/friend have with your spouse?
  • Can one maintain a stable relationship with their family/friends and their spouse at the same time?
One Response to “A Thin Line Between Love & Family”
  1. X says:

    Yeh my family or even my close friends should know thats a territory not to go into i would be offended if my “ex” was to start messing with my family, friends, or even my close frat brothers

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