Lion King – What I Think

During my stay in Florida, I analyzed and noticed many things. While watching the Lion King (one of my favorite Disney movies), I realized a lot and did some analyzing of the movie itself. Before I proceed to share with you what I noticed, DO NOT in any way get offended or feel any type of way because of what I wrote about the movie.

Here goes:

  • In the movie, I noticed that all the animals that were considered “good,” were filled with lively colors, some had dark colors in their skin; however, it blended in and flowed with the vibrant, light colors. The animals that were considered “bad,” were filled with dark colors that looked evil and made the character’s skin look dirty.
  • Rafiki, one of the characters of the story, can be considered the elderly, wise African member of the community, who can be considered drunk or high at times.
  • Scar, the villain of the story, has a name to match a bad thing, which is to have a scar on one’s body. The green eyes on Scar symbolizes greed to be king of the jungle, no one else in the story had green eyes. Scar was so greedy that he was willing to kill his own brother and nephew to get to the top. Shows that family-ness isn’t together within the African/African-American community and you might have to sacrifice a person or two in order to succeed. 
  • Mufasa, lighter than his brother, very powerful, king of jungle.  
  • Nala was a light skin lioness, who had blue eyes. Symbolizes you need to be light with blue eyes in order to get the guy, which symbolizes white was still in control.
  • Zazu was the person who watched the kids, Disney always had a person who was cautious and always looked out for the kids in the story, but worked closely with the parents. People like these are the ones who help/guide the main character into getting their goal.
  • Simba was the adventurous main character, who wanted to grow up too fast. Was also naive at times, with him and Nala relationship in the beginning, Disney tried to show viewers that women were supposed to rely on men to save the day or protect them and if women wanted to be dominant over men, they have to get physical.
  • Hyenas were drunk in the movie, the dark colors on them symbolized the slums that they lived in.
  • Disney didn’t keep the main character with both parents, usually one parent is missing in Disney movies and when Mufasa died, that continued the trend. When Mufasa died, they took the positive male role model out of the story.
  • Timon and Pumba were hippies.
  • The responsibility of women finding food for the lion pack showed that their job was to still provide meals for their men and cook.
  • “Can You Feel The Love Tonight” symbolized Nala and Simba having sex with each other for the first time, Nala licking Simba signified the first move and showed us that she wanted it, so it was consensual. (Lol).
  • Scar was so devious that he turned on his friends, the hyenas in order for Simba to not kill him. This shows that sometimes in life, people will step on others for a motive. Scar’s motive was to survive.

Please feel free to comment or add your thoughts to my comments.


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