No Bullshit (The Video)

After Chris Brown had his incident with Rihanna, he laid low for a while with the music. Then, he came out with his album, which flip-flopped in sales. Sometime this year, he produced a mixtape called, “In The Zone.” He started calling himself C-Breezy and even sung on other artists’ instrumentals. This mixtape is actually “the truth.” It’s well worth the listen… but on there, he has a song called, “No Bullshit.” When my friend Karen put me on to the song, I said wow… it’s serious.

Then he made a video to it… here it goes. Click here to Listen: No Bullshit

After looking at the video, I realized that C-Breezy really went in and changed up the way he sold to his fans. As a listener of R&B music, I would say that mixtape album was 2 thumbs up.. the video, which was good and of course had to do with sex, needs to not play during the daytime. Lol. He basically showed us that he meant  no bullshit when it came to having sex with this girl. This video really showed people that Chris has grown up and as a man, he’s going to be horny and as a man, he’s going to make mistakes, (i.e. hitting Rihanna) which hopefully he learned from.

I feel like most songs can apply to life, as long as it makes sense. This one does as well. Most girls want the boy, but don’t want to play hard to get. So they play the games of coming to your house, staying over, but not giving it up. That’s understandable for lets say a night or two. But after more than four nights, something has to give. Women have to be true to themselves and the men they getting involved with, so with that, I say stop playing games. Just use the “No Bullshit” card and either you going to be straightforward with the dude whether you decide to give it up or not.

Comments about the video and anything I said are recommended.

2 Responses to “No Bullshit (The Video)”
  1. Honestly, the reason why I love this song and this video because it reminds me of a special someone in my life: we kept it real from jump and have grown together… we ain’t have no time for the BS (& no I’m not talking about sex). See, I’m not the type of girl to play games; I don’t have time! I’m on a mission and when I see something I want, I go for it! I love that Chris has grown up and has given this notion that men nowadays don’t really want the chase that much or that long. Now, I don’t agree that a girl should lead guys on and then give it up after 3/4 days… I honestly feel like that conversation needs to be have because I don’t believe people should be out in the street having sex with every tom, dick, and harry… That’s no bueno especially with all these diseases and pregnancies…

    But I love the song for concept and the message it sends so that women can understand, we are not in preschool be upfront with the man, The worse thing that could happen is you scare him away when he hears the word “love” or “commitment”

    • nubian163 says:

      Now if there were more girls who were like that in the world, us men wouldn’t have some of the problems we have now.

      Hopefully the women understand and take this notion and be upfront whether on what they want, whether it’s to have sex or not.

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