Fundamental Reading

“Reading is fundamental.” This is a quote that I always heard while growing up. As a young adult, I now see why.

As we went through our long years of school, we all hated to read the textbooks for that homework assignment or for the take home quiz. I know that might be boring because at times, it was for me also. But with reading, comes growth and comes experience.

Because of reading, one can learn how to cook a certain dish they always wished they could or make a new drink they want to try. They can also gain knowledge from absorbing other’s experiences. People say one shouldn’t read certain genres because it may not be stimulating enough or it may not help you with brain development.

I say read what you can, when you can. Even if it’s reading the directions to getting to a destination. At least with reading, it’s keeping you out of harm’s way and it’s allowing you to learn.

I decided to write this post because even though I’m not in school this summer, I managed to finish three books within a month’s radius. They didn’t tell me about my history, but it did entertain me and taught me lessons. In one book, it talked about not sweating small, bad occurrences that happen in life, because they are small. It also gave tips on how to rationalize what you do as a solution to the small problems.

In the other two books, it spoke about the lives of people while working at Rikers Island. They both may have been a little “fiction,” but some of this is based on of what the author saw and observed while working at the facility. It also shows what one should and should not do as an officer and the real life of an inmate imprisoned at Rikers Island.

So some Wisdom from Normie, keep reading. Don’t matter what you read, keep reading. There are many who throw their minds away to do stupidness and with reading you can have fun and be entertained. Read what you love also.


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