The New Trick In My Life

As the life of “undergrad” is over, I now step into the real world. I noticed a lot of physical tricks throughout the years, but not mental or untouchable tricks. That is until this summer.

Over the past five years, the job market (my new trick) has formed into something ugly and black. This trick is so bad that it not many can get into it. This is due to various reasons, which I will not get into. But I noticed that life at times can be a bitch and so can the job market (excuse my language).

The job market is so ugly that people can hardly get jobs in department stores. Those were the jobs that were usually available to a person if they needed it. I can’t believe how crazy it is for one to get a job and it’s even worse for people who are considered “over-qualified.”

The United States has a lot of current issues that need to be fixed and one of them is this current job market. People are no longer going out, enjoying their lives or spending their money on tools that they used to… all because they are either trying to save the little bit of money they have or they don’t have money to spend.

The job market is so bad, horrible and ugly that people who hated school and didn’t want to go back, are even going back. Students with bachelor’s degrees and master’s degrees can’t even get jobs. The economy wants more and they are making the job market very deadly and competitive.

Sooner or later, people will start killing each other just to get a decent position in a company. I hate to think like that, but unthinkable things have been happening this past decade, so I put nothing past no one.

For all those jobless… I feel your pain. I hope you find something worthy of your time. For those who have jobs, hold on tight to your jobs because you never know when you can lose it. (i.e. budget cuts and layoffs, something the MTA experienced a few days ago). I am currently looking for a job in the CT region this fall, while I attend my grad classes in the evening. Only thing at this moment I can do like others, is apply and hope to get a call back.


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