Toni – Why Should I Care

Lately, I’ve been analyzing a lot and listening to a lot of music. A good song that I like is worth analyzing is “Why Should I Care” by Toni Braxton. This is off the Secrets Album, an album that made Toni lots of dollar and had everyone dying to listen to.

Why Should I Care (Click to listen)

After listening to it and looking up the lyrics, I realized that this song applies to at least every person. In sum, the song is talking about a person who gave her heart to a man, who ended up hurting and breaking her heart. Now, older and wiser, she looks back at the experience and realize, that yes she was young and didn’t think the situation carefully.

Now that the man realize what he did was wrong, he was trying to come back into her good graces and get what he once had. Her denying him is now hurting him and her simple question is why should I care?

Now this song not only relates to people in intimate relationships, but friendships and relationships with co-workers, family members, etc. There are times when people make mistakes and treat a person like trash. But a question I have for my viewers are when should we as people forgive and/or forget a negative experience that happened between them and another? When should we drop that person out of our lives and continue to move on with our lives without them? What is your limit?

My opinion is it would depend upon the situation, person and the severity of the damages. At the same time, when do you start caring about a person that’s mentally or physically hurting due to damage they caused on you? If you gets deep within a song, one can find the root to answers they’ve been seeking.

After listening to this song, I feel like that’s going to be my saying for a few things in life. Why should I care? Why should you care if someone doesn’t approve of what you’re doing? They’re not living your life. Why should you care if someone is mad because you don’t contact them? I’m pretty sure they’re not trying to contact you either? Why should you care if your ex is mad because you moved on and they didn’t? They’re your past, right?

Answer those three questions and more if you like and see what you come up with. If it’s no benefit to you or helpful in any way, don’t worry about it.


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