Grad School & Res Life

Today, I wake up and I get ready for the day’s events (going to the Jerry Springer show) and since it’s early I don’t have my glasses on yet. So, I walked out of my bedroom and at my main door (in my apartment), I see some papers on the floor. I pick up the papers to see letters from the Resident Assistant’s (RAs) that live in the apartment complex.

One welcoming us to the apartments and saying their location if we needed their assistance. Another one said we had a mandatory meeting tonight at 8:30 PM. Being an incoming grad student and a former member of UAlbany’s Residential Life, I don’t feel that I need to be attending these meetings or having to support anything with New Haven’s Residential Life.

Not trying to be difficult, but I feel like why should grad students be mandated to participate with undergrad events that involve RA’s who are younger and are in undergrad. After leaving undergrad, I realize that I can still have my college fun, but I still have to buckle down more than ever… so me, as well as other grad students don’t have time to mess up or participate with things the RA’s have for their residents. When I saw those letters, I said to myself, “Are you serious?”

I left one school (thinking that Res Life was over for me) and to only see them in my life again as a grad student? SMH. I feel it’s crazy. Don’t get me wrong, being on Residential Life staff has treated me well, I met a lot of nice people who became close friends, I have good job recommendations and I learned a lot about myself and others. But as a grad student, I’m ready to venture out, take my classes, get a real job that has more pros than cons and dealing with the undergrad res life scene is not one of the plans I had in mind.

I’m going to the meeting tonight, but I will talk to the RA about grad students having to attend these meetings and any other functions they host because we are busy people.. whether we have jobs or not, our classes alone are more on our plate.

One Response to “Grad School & Res Life”
  1. Rashaun says:

    I can see your point that it makes no sense for you to go to the meeting. In a way agree. But I also think going to some events that the RA puts together may help accumulate you into your new school.

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