She Just Hit Me

Domestic violence has been and always will be a trending topic within relationships. Awareness is always posted on commercials and any form of media to let them know that domestic violence is not ok. When you look at ads, one always notice they show or talk about a man putting his hands on their spouse, which is the female.

No one ever shows a woman putting her hands on a man, a man putting his hand on his man or a woman putting her hands on her woman. As members of society, why do think that? I feel that this happens because men were and is always portrayed as the person who is strong and dominant, while women were and is still portrayed as defenseless creatures, who are weak.

Take a look at this clip and tell me your thoughts. Woman hitting her man

What are your thoughts? Do you feel that because she’s a woman, it’s ok for her to verbally and physically abuse her man? A man may be labeled stronger than a woman no matter how small or big they are, but do you feel that this is an excuse for women to hit their men? Do you feel that just because two people may be in a homosexual relationship (meaning both parties are of the same-sex), it’s ok for one to abuse the other? Would you even call that abuse?

For a while, that was a question in my head. Was a homosexual person who got hit by their partner being domestically abused. Just because they are the same-sex, domestic abuse is domestic abuse. No one should have to experience that and if they are, they should find a way out before it’s too late.

I know it might be difficult for a man to admit that he was abused by his woman or partners to admit that they’ve been abused, but if you can share your thoughts and experiences or even a woman getting abused by her man, it would be greatly appreciated. This can hopefully help the youth and elderly couples who might have faced or still face domestic violence.

3 Responses to “She Just Hit Me”
  1. Klassicall Modern says:

    Did You really just blog about Craig??!! SMHHHH

  2. J.J.B. says:

    100% agreeable!! Abuse is abuse and their is no way around it. Whether its woman hitting a man, man hitting a woman or even abuse from the same sex. I’ve never experienced domestic violence within a relationship, but I know some people very close to me that have and almost lost their lives because of it . Something that should not be taken lightly. Also, to respond to the question whether its okay for a woman to hit a man the answer is no. Its not okay depending on the situation for an example if your in extreme danger then yeah self defense and extra force is needed to protect yourself…but if your arguing with your significant other and decide to put your hands on him more than once because your mad, be prepared for the outcome. We have high standards for our men and how they should act and things they can and cannot do that sometimes we forget they’re human and they have emotions just like us, and they will react. You want to be equal to a man then be prepared to fight if you continue to abuse him. I’ve seen a woman get knocked out by a man because she continued to hit him. He warned her to stop, he even tried walking away because he was on the verge to explode..well you know what happened at the end. Bottom line is domestic violence is frowned upon no matter who’s doing it.

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