Jerry & Maury… What’s Really Good?

It’s one thing to watch something on television and then there’s another thing to be live in front of the action while it’s going on. Attending the Jerry Springer show and the Maury show recently reminded me that.

I recommend anyone who has free time and can tolerate the content that they air on television to go and be an audience member. It’s free, live and lots of fun. If you’re not an early person, don’t go because you must be there early in order to get in doors. They usually have their tapings during the weekdays, so this may not be good for a person who works a 9 – 5.

Whenever you can, please go. For the Maury show, I hope that you get a paternity test show or a cheating show…. nothing beats those episodes and it’s well worth it. As for Jerry, as long as they fight (which is almost everytime), you will be good. Tapings are in Stamford, CT… so I hope you make it.


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