Starting Over

Starting over, starting fresh, seeing something new… is all hard. Today made me realize that not only am I starting over by living in Connecticut, but going to school here, not as an undergrad, but as a grad student (is harder than I thought). Hanging out in Albany or Cobleskill, meeting new people, going to student group functions and parties are one thing once you’re an undergrad, but as a grad, what do I do? I transferred schools before and had to transition to that, but I haven’t experienced moving to another state and being in a bigger league, which is called grad school.

Do I still be in the mix like I’m an undergrad or do I fall back. Do I go out and stumble upon the young crowd and still have my fun or do I stay in the house and play with my thumbs? These questions and more I had for myself and two good friends, Keturah and Dominique, helped me remember that I am social and I am that person who likes to go out and have fun.

Even though they helped me realize some things and put them into perspective… I still have my questions, my concerns. Was moving to CT a good move for me after all? Was choosing this school a good move for me? Should I have taken the GRE’s to expand my choices of where I could attend?

I miss UA and the people who were down for just chilling or having fun… I love my apartment over here in Connecticut, but it’s just me. It’s not like the dorms anymore.


*If anyone can give me their advice, words of wisdom or anything like that, please share.

One Response to “Starting Over”
  1. X says:

    I miss UA as well but you have to remember you gotta take care of yourself first Im sure you will be fine out there in CT!

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