Even though it’s been less than a month I’ve been a grad student, I’ve acquired some techniques that I think may be helpful during the rest of my grad years and probably helpful to other grad students as well.

One, I learned that grad school gives you so much reading. Every class I have want me to read something and at times it can be a lot. So, reading the day of or the day after you get the assignment has worked for me thus far. Taking notes of the readings has helped me also just in case I forget what I read, I can always go back to it. Reading  ahead of schedule is also beneficial because it gives you time to tackle other work you might have. I feel like if I didn’t read in advance, I would be lost.

My grad classes are 3 hours long also, so I learned the tap-my-shoe method to keep me up and make me aware of what’s going on in class. You use this trick when you feel like your eyes are getting heavier than usual or you daze off. With your feet, you tap the front and back of your heal, back and forth. If this doesn’t work, you shake your leg a bit, but don’t shake it enough to make it noticeable to others. If both of these work, then you stop and continue with class (there’s no need to do it after you’re wide awake).

Eating before these 3 hour classes help also because listening to these late night lectures are tiring. Hopefully the professors in the classes let the students participate in the class because listening to a professor lecture you all night can definitely be boring. So with grad school, only thing I do is tap-my-shoe! When I get a job, I guess I will be taping my shoe and keeping it moving with the schedule.


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