Sextuplets Dad’s Arrest


Bryan Masche, father of sextuplets, was arrested and taken into custody after an argument with his wife Jenne. This argument allegedly started over where they would take the children for a trip. This argument transformed more verbally and ended up with profane language being used.

                Police tried to restrain and handcuff Masche, who was non-compliant. This led to them threatening Masche with a Taser. After that, Masche became compliant and ended up posting a $3,500 bond a day after the arrest. According to PopEater Staff, in court, he plead not guilty to three counts of domestic violence. This involved disorderly conduct and threats and a single count of resisting arrest.

                   In the article, it mentioned the sextuplets and how they were around for the argument between their parents, but it never mentioned their involvement during the argument, if there was any. It did mention that the couple has been in altercations similar to this and their relationship diminished a bit after the children were born. By observing the relationship from the article, I would say that the couple needed to see a counselor. They obviously have unresolved issues they need to tackle and with sextuplets in their life, it brings more problems to their relationship. Arguing over where the children will go, which was an insignificant argument could have been avoided if the parents had better communication.

                In terms of who was failed, one could say the children were failed because not only were they unable to go on their trip, but they witnessed numerous altercations between mom and dad because they can’t seem to come to a common ground. Because of that, their father now has to appear in court again because he was non-compliant with the police.

                The parents failed each other when it comes to their relationship. Not only are they dealing with each other and their situation in a poor manner, but they are exposing their children to verbal and physical abuse. This can negatively affect the children because they may think that talking to one another or anyone else for that matter is acceptable and start to do it when they’re older.

                In terms of domestic violence, the article didn’t mention whether it was used during the altercation or any previous altercations the couple had. Even though it was not stated, behavior such as this can lead to domestic violence, which in some cases can lead into an arrest for higher charges or death. With acts such as these, the children may need psychological counseling and the parents may need not only marriage counseling, but individual counseling if they want to keep the family together.


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