Too Involved

I was on Twitter the other day and I saw some comments on my timeline. Some stuff were OD and some were general. I happened to scroll down and look at what my followers/people I follow tweet and I just shook my head at the nonsense and foolery that they form together.

I won’t post any tweets that they wrote; however, I will comment. I hate going on Twitter and seeing that people are minding their business in other people’s conversations or getting involved in situations that don’t involve them. That shit definitely blows mine because it makes the person seem mad thirsty like they have no life. And one can tell that they don’t belong in that convo because of the way they tweet and the responses people say about it or anything pertaining to it.

Not only FaceBook, but Twitter can get people in trouble. So people, tweet all you want. It’s a free country and what not, but just be careful. You don’t want people to belittle your name or think less of you because of a simple situation you could’ve avoided.

2 Responses to “Too Involved”
  1. sdukez says:

    Yeah. And slowly I’m pulling my information from these sites. Goodbye Twitter. You’re the 2nd person (after my best) that I told I left. Twitter wasn’t doing anything for me. Entertaining or not, I can’t be a part of it right now. And conveniently before I turn old (21). I feel like I go through these phases and my semi-reckless tweets definitely weren’t something I want people to refer back to. So I’m glad to be gone.

  2. nubian163 says:

    I feel you… I can’t believe you’re off.. Well, everything happens for a reason. Thanks for telling me, I know who signed off and thanks for letting me know. I feel special. Lol.

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