Animal Whipping It’s Hair

My friend recently showed me the Animal Clip of the Week from WorldStarHipHop. This one appears to be in a dancing mood.

Whip My Hair (Click Link For Video)

So while watching this, I didn’t laugh because I didn’t find any of it funny or cute. I just thought about how technology has really advanced over the years. Some may know where I’m going with this and I’m going to take it there (if you become offended or you disagree, sorry, but I have to rant about this).

How the hell did the bird do all of that for the entire song? My answer is the power of technology. Yes, the bird probably made a few of those movements, but the bird did not and I will repeat did not dance to all of that song. There’s just no way. I feel that the bird did some of the stuff and the creator tweaked the video a bit to try to get a hit. I just feel that it’s pitiful for people to do anything just so they can get 2 minutes of fame. Mind you, I have nothing against the song at all (for those inquiring), I just am over the people trying to do anything to get a little fame.

Another reason why I feel this was staged was because how did the creator have a video camera ready… evidently they knew what their mission was, how they was going to execute it or tweak it. It reminded me of America’s Funniest Home Videos where people have their cameras ready for anything and my thing is how do you prepare to for a funny moment? Natural funny moments are not staged, it just happens without people knowing.

*That’s my rant for the day, hope you enjoyed.


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