Man on Man Sexual Violence

Twitter is one of those websites that has its ups and downs. A down could be the people ranting or gossiping. The up can be it’s informative when it comes to people voicing their opinions and informing others on World News. On Twitter, I found out that singer Raz-B, has again accused Chris Stokes and Marques Houston of sexual abuse.

According to news, the singer has accused both men of the act in previous years, but no charges or trial seem to occur. Now, Raz-B is back, accusing both men of the same thing and even has another singer from the record label, Quindon Tarver, accusing them of the same act.

They even have video footage of them discussing what happened. Raz-B/Quindon Tarver Sex Abuse <-Click Here For Link

After listening to the footage, I took it from many perspectives. From one perspective, I took it as Raz-B being bitter from his separation from B2K and the label. Right now, he’s currently not doing anything, not making a big income or is in the spotlight. Why not say something that can not only hurt the people who hurt him, but get back in the limelight? And being that he’s accusing Stokes and Houston of abuse, both men can face a serious fine and/or jail time if found guilty of the act. Although he may be able to list various scenarios where the alleged sexual abuse occurred, right now, he only has his word of mouth, which can only get a person so far.

From another perspective, it can be true, he could’ve received sexual abuse. With him and Tarver being men, maybe no one is taking the situation serious because, yes they are men and the time pattern in which they are admitting it. With that said, it was also mentioned before that Raz-B was on drugs, so from Houston and Stokes’ perspective, they probably feel no one will entertain what they have to say because Raz-B could still be on drugs and is saying things to get money.

What I found weird was his telephone conversation with Tarver. It seemed like Tarver could’ve experienced some form of abuse, but then it seemed as if he was trying to agree with everything Raz-B said and just went along with the motions. In society, no man is going to admit abuse, and sexual abuse at that if: 1) they’re desperate to obtain a goal or 2) it really did happen. With these two options, I don’t know which to believe can be the answer and I haven’t heard any responses from Stokes or Houston, so I’m unsure how I should base this.

*I just find this pattern of events weird, lurky and very disturbing being that this is not the first time Raz-B has accused the men of the actions, the “alleged situations” occurred so long ago and pieces to the puzzle are missing. Right now, I just want the TRUTH. Anyone who has any additional input or info, feel free to respond.

2 Responses to “Man on Man Sexual Violence”
  1. Sukez says:

    Yeah, I heard about this abuse shit and I don’t have an outlandish opinion on it BUT that he should have gotten more concrete evidence instead of trying to come back now because he’s on drugs and broke. Sorry Raz. This ain’t that kinda party.

  2. nubian163 says:

    Sorry folks, this is the original video I seen…. The Link I posted previously was just as good and a bit informative, but this handles all of the pieces.

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