Man Accused of Slashing Free

                On August 24, a student hailed a cab, engaged in conversation and then slashed this throat and stabbed him in the face, arms and hands. According to the police, the small talk with the driver started off decent, then ending off with the student railing against Islam before he stabbed him. The student, Michael Enright, who takes up film, was released on a $500,000 bail this afternoon. The family of Enright secured the bond by putting up their house in Brewster, N.Y. and a certificate of deposit.

                From the perspective of an outsider, I would feel that the criminal justice failed to serve justice. Yes, the cab driver is alive, but his assailant has not paid the price for his crime. A person who assaults a post office worker or a bus driver can serve five years or more. A cab driver, who services people within the community and deals with customers on a personal level, should be able to get the same respect as the post office worker or the bus driver. Those who assault those workers I’m sure can’t get out of jail with bail. This shows that equality is still not in society and even though the cab driver may be paid and work under different circumstances, his job is to still service the people who ask for help.

In terms of his family, I’m sure that they want to stand behind their loved one, even though he probably embarrassed them. I’m sure that they are trying to support him as much as possible, thus putting up their house for bail. In the back of one of their minds, one probably feels that putting the house up for bond wasn’t a good idea, but of course wouldn’t mention their thoughts aloud. Paying $500,000 for him to get out of jail, not including legal fees is something that I feel wasn’t worth it. Yes, Enright might have suffered in jail and possibly experienced post traumatic stress disorder and alcoholism, but he made his bed, so he should lay in it. Being 21 as an offender made the criminal justice system charge him with second-degree attempted murder as hate crime (as an adult). Hate crimes are usually taken serious in court, so putting up their house and a certificate of deposit might have been attempts that still can’t keep him from going to prison.

Being that the crime is considered a hate crime, Enright felt less remorse when he committed the crime being that he must’ve hated the drivers’ Islamic culture. If I was the cab driver, I would feel that justice wasn’t served and allowing him to walk around free is a danger to other Islamic people. I would also feel that his post traumatic stress disorder and alcoholism was staged in order to get him out of the situation he put himself in. Enright probably feels good that he’s able to be out of prison for the time he is. Having to obey an 8 pm curfew would not be fun for a 21-year-old, but I feel he would rather take it then be locked up in a cell. In terms of changing his thoughts about Islamic people, I feel that his thoughts haven’t changed since his bias against the characteristic is strong.

From an Islamic person’s perspective, I would be upset that the criminal justice system let this man have bail from jail. I would also feel that being that my culture is a minority and still not favored in the United States that justice wouldn’t be served and this man would still be able to commit future hate crimes.  From the prospective of people who hate Islamic people, I’m sure they’re proud of Enright for committing the act. Some are probably shocked, but glad that he was able to commit the act, have bail and make it. Now with this happening, this can give other hate crime offenders ideas of trying to commit hate crime acts and think they can get away with it.


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