Stay or Go

Homes that may start out as happy doesn’t always have a happy ending. Circumstances such as partners going different paths, someone dying, etc. can be ways where a relationship can end of in a negative light.

The other day, I was listening to new music and I passed by Shareefa’s single, “Should I Stay.” In the beginning, I was in tears cracking up because in one verse she says, “My daughter needs her daddy, but I need my big daddy.” For the people who know me, they know I find random stuff like this and find it humorous.

As I continued to listen to the song, I realized that she was saying more than just something to make me laugh. I usually say songs tell messages and those messages are some that people in life experience. They just don’t get that chance to always make their story public and that’s where the singer comes in.

In this song, the main person settled down with someone and had a daughter, life was simple until a new man came into the picture. She started having sex with the new man and find this new man to be better (when it comes to loving in and out the bed) than the one she originally settled down with. Now, weekly, she’s creeping with him, while staying with her daughter’s father. Now, she questions whether she should stay with her daughter’s father for her daughter’s sake or whether she should try to be with the man.

This situation usually happens with people (men and women) alike and they always question what they should do. It’s noble of the parents (in my opinion) to stay in a relationship that they are unhappy in for the sake of the child. The problem with that is, it’s not always the best because it does hurt the child in the long-run. Not only does it hurt the child, but it hurts the people in the relationship as well. If the parents part ways and the parents really love the child as much as they say they do, they would work something out in order to raise the child.

Some parents feel that the best way to raise their child is in a two-parent household and although it is the ideal way of raising children, it doesn’t always happen. I know a good amount of people who were raised by 1 parent or 2 parents (who weren’t together) and they grew up to be upstanding people. Now the main question is should she stay? I say no, she should be honest with the father so he can move on. People can’t have their cake and eat it at the same time (and by keeping both men, that’s what she’s trying to do).

Leave the relationship folks (men and women)!!! Be fair!! Let them know even if the truth hurts. It’s better you tell the truth than they find out through other means. And if the man or woman feels that their signifcant other will try to keep the child away from them, then unfortunately, that’s a battle they have to prepare for, but make sure you’re happy. Once you’re a parent, it’s about the child, but you’re still a person and you still have needs and wants.

This is Wisdom from Normie! Let me know your thoughts and the link to the song is on this post.


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