Woman Wanted By E.P.A. is Arrested

                Albania Deleon is a woman who has committed fraud on several accounts, but fled the country to escape her fate. Recently, she was stopped and arrested after being pulled over in Santo Domingo.

                The counts of fraud Deleon is convicted are involve a fraudulent asbestos training institute she ran. In addition, Deleon was previously convicted in federal court on charges including fraud, hiring illegal immigrants, making false statements and procuring false payroll tax returns. When reading this article and looking at the fact that the Environmental Protection Agency said that she can face from 5 to 20 years, one has to wonder why people such as Martha Stewart, who was accused of fraud on different accounts, didn’t serve the same amount of time Deleon can face? One can also wonder if Deleon had more status in a dominant society, would she receive a lesser punishment.

                In this scenario, it’s evident that the people who attended Deleon’s institute were failed. Yes, they did receive their certificates; however, they received it on false terms and didn’t do the necessary work to earn it. Because of Deleon, these people are not able to complete jobs pertaining to the field and if they want to remain in the field, they may have to use extra time to take the necessary courses to get the correct certification. The people who took attended the institution might be afraid that not only they may have to spend time to get “certified” again, but now more people know that some of them are immigrants. This can be hurtful to them because they may have to go back to their native land, where they may have experienced a hard life.          

                Actions such as Deleon could have psychologists wonder if she suffered from insanity or if that would be a plea she takes. Behaviors such as fleeing her native land, dying her hair and carrying false identification are factors that don’t guarantee she could have suffered from insanity, but it can be possible signs to look for. From Deleon’s perspective, she could be scared that she got caught and can now face a serious sentence or she can feel emotionless. Deleon might even feel that her crimes weren’t serious since it didn’t physically hurt anyone.

                What could’ve been helpful to the E.P.A. is if they gave readers of the articles quick steps to follow if they spotted a fugitive. One question that might cross readers’ minds is what made the encounter the Dominican agents had with Deleon different than the previous ones she could’ve had with agents and was able to pass them without them recognizing her.

                From readers’ perspectives, they may want Deleon to face a longer sentence than 5 to 20 years since she ruined others’ lives. Some may not care since it didn’t affect them and other readers may feel that in the name of fairness, she should face the same time that previous offenders of fraud faced.


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