One Trimester Done… More To Go

Grad school has been very tedious, stressful and rewarding. Despite the challenges and the overwhelming feelings I had, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Now that I made it out of one trimester alive, I feel like I should give advice for incoming graduate students, so they can have less stress on their chest.

1) NO PROCRASTINATION – Do not procrastinate to complete any work you have, make sure all or most is done as soon as you can get to it. Unlike undergrad, in grad school you can’t bullshit the teacher and think they won’t notice. Professors are more aware and look more for errors than undergrad professors may. More is at stake once you procrastinate as well and being that grad school is tedious, it will take you longer to complete a simple paper.

2) DO THE READINGS – If you don’t do the readings, it’s over for your life. Being that you will have one class once per week, you may have a lot of pages to read; however, it is essential to have an idea of what the pages are talking about. In grad school, teachers do ask students questions and ask by random. If you don’t do the readings, you will of course not know where the class is at and can possible get no participation points. Read so you can get easy participation points.

3) KEEP THE GRADES UP – Make sure grades are always up because in most programs, you need a 3.0 minimum. Less than a 3.0 can result in probation and even being kicked out the program. Once you’re kicked out the program, you’re kicked out of grad school and it will be pointless to re-apply because some may not accept you.

4) DON’T FALL ASLEEP IN CLASS – If you feel tired, do the tap your shoe method, this can help you stay up and not be bored in the 3 hour classes. Falling asleep in class will be more embarrassing than falling in the middle of the street (especially once the teacher approaches you about it).


*That’s all I can think of now, hope this is of help to some incoming or current grad students. Feel free to add any others if you like.


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