Getting To Happy Review

Getting to Happy

As many may have heard, Terry McMillan has published a new book entitled, “Getting to Happy.” This is the sequel to “Waiting to Exhale,” which was about the lives of four women: Savannah, Bernadine, Robin & Gloria.

With this 373 page long book, one would find a lot of laughter, secrets and pain, but one can question how it will compete with the 1st story. In my opinion, the book was a good read, interesting, but somewhat different. I will not tell the story in this post; however, I will give future readers some warning before they pick up the book.

Fifteen years has passed since the women were last celebrating New Years. They all have new lives, Robin had her baby, death, marriage and divorce is also in this book. We thought that everyone ended off being content with how their lives were ending and they were, for the moment. Now the main characters’ problems in the story is trying to find that happy space and stick there.

Although it was a good read, I don’t know if it will be entice the viewers since they are planning on making a movie to it. Yes it was drama and all viewers love drama, but I feel it wasn’t as much drama as the other movie was. Only time will tell how the movie turns out and hopefully the soundtrack is up to part or better than the soundtrack for the first movie.

Out of 5 stars, I would give the book a 4, for good writing, filled with suspense and a decent sense of keeping the characters intact with their previous lives. Hope the movie becomes a blockbuster because McMillan plans on having the original MAIN cast in the movie.

2 Responses to “Getting To Happy Review”
  1. sdukez says:

    Thank God this isn’t a spoiler. I need a good book to read. If this is one, then I’m definitely about to get it. But I have to read the first one?

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