Lil Kim v. Nicki Minaj

So of course, everyone has heard about the beef going on over the past few months between Lil Kim & Nicki Minaj. Now that the year is ending, one can only wonder and imagine how this beef will turn out.

Both women are talented in what they do and are successful. I would say sexy, but Kim is acting up with her physical appearances. These women are hot in the hip hop game and most people love them. Now my question to my readers is, how did this beef start? Why did this beef start? Does anyone know because I would surely like some answers.

Only thing I know is from what is said on interviews and radios and both women are blaming it on each other. In some interviews, it is said that they spoke to each other and they said there wasn’t any beef, but beef somehow came about. Kim and others says Nicki keeps throwing shots at her and Nicki said she isn’t, she pays her homage to Kim and is always a fan first. Now my readers, what’s your opinion, what’s your take? I need some answers I have to be answered and I guess an idea of how this beef will play out.


*Attached is some multimedia I found about the women and their “beef.” If anyone has any multimedia or anything to share, please share.

Lil Kim v. Nicki Minaj
6 Responses to “Lil Kim v. Nicki Minaj”
  1. sdukez says:

    The beef started once Nicki came out. She started rapping and everyone automatically compared her to Kim. From NYC, Island girl, a rapper singing with every damn body. I mean, it was inevitable. Then of course this hype will get them both amped. I blame society and the media for blowing up a peaceful situation. She could have continued to look up to Kim and ended up being better with Kim acknowledging her or joining her or whatever but NOOO. Everyone wants a Biggie-Pac shit again.

    • X says:

      Dam Sdukez beat me too it….

      In addition here are my Deuce Cents:

      1. It could be all staged to make some publicity so everyone can eat off of the money right?

      2. This is the greater conspiracy that I had always had about black music and the people that try to suppress the people. Biggie and Pac to namely put it on front street but also this is what i call the female version of Brooklyn VS Queens in other words is this headed to a Jay Z and Nas series again?

  2. nubian163 says:

    After listening to what both of you say, I start to wonder if these women are really friends in real life? Besides the publicity, what realy goes on behind closed doors? Are there more conspiracies in the world because the ones the government create?

    I feel like all these people need to be more creative and unique when it comes to making money rather than use the same old tactics.

  3. jadeebaby says:

    nicki minaj coppied off of lil kim she was at that bitch neck i don’t care wat nobody say’s lil kim will beat her ass and nicki minaj wanna call her album piink friday fuck out a here yes yes my boy! BlackFridat All Day My Boy!

    • pookie says:

      ummmmm…1st of all really nicki mianj did nt copy off of nobody second lil kim need to go on cuz she anit had no song out nd movies in about 5 or 6 years…..butt nawwww she want to start back tryi to rap when nicki came out nd started gett fits nd all thelil girls liked ha nd reallylil kim copyed of of nicki cuz nicki came out with the song did it on’em but lil kim ugy ass wanna do a pissed on’em bitch tha song suck so fuck bad and lil kim need to go back to were eva she came from cuz nicki done took ha place and plus lil kim was the one going around gettin all this fake shit in a face and body all these months and years so she can look good butt she still fuckin ugly than a bitch……………….and lil kim anit gone do nun but bump a gums cuz she dont want to have to get plastic surgery again in ha face……nd nicki was the real g nd went to lil kmim and askded ” do they have beef nd lil kim sed no we good i dnt have beef with you nicki”…………but i am done talking…but just to let yall no lil kim is nt gone get to were nicki is no time soon sence she just nw wamnting to come back….ohh and one more thing PINK FRIDAY ALL DAY EVERY DAY BITCH (IYESSSSS)GOOOOOOO NICKI MIANJ YEAH SHE JUST DID IT ON’EM(A.K.A LIL KIM)

  4. pookie says:

    ohh yeah and like the first person sed who commented on this YES THE BEEF DID START WHEN NICKI CAME OUT.and lil kim need to get a life and move on to sumin eles other than so call rappin. why lil kim cant be like trina and go find sumin better to do than hate on nicki cuz trina was a rapper but whn she seen nicki come out wit all these fits she did what a g would do GO FIND SOME ELES TO DO WITH HER LIFE THAN TO BE ALL IN NICK’S ASS SUCH AS TRYING TO MAKE ALOT OF HIT TO BET NICKI WHICH NOT GOIN TO HAPPEN. MOVE THE FUCK ON LIL KIM NICKI IN THIS THANG YOU NOT…LMFAO

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