No Time

Time is something that’s of the essence, something that doesn’t come back and something that should be used wisely. I for one hates to have my time wasted, especially on stuff that’s irrelevant to anything.

In sum, I hate when my time is being wasted, especially if I put my energy and effort into something to work out. This especially goes to things like trying to fix your time for others. Why I am writing this is because I had it with a few things, included making time for people who don’t make time for me. These are usually the same who make me feel bad because I don’t spend time with them; however, when I do make time for them, they flake out.

As of now, it’s over. If you’re not making time for me, contacting me or seeing how I’m doing, then I’m not doing the same for you. If we contact via social network, that’s cool, but I don’t want to hear you complain about you don’t have time especially if you’re the flake.

After this year is over, I will also not be planning any events. I’m tired of numerous things when it comes to event planning and the territory. Some never make it out, but always complain about there’s nothing for them to do. Well after 2010, it’s over. The most you will hear from me is me planning on going to Europe for New Years next year and maybe one event. Any other outing, don’t count on me to plan it. You might only be able to count on me to go, that’s if I can.

Sorry to sound harsh, but there it is. I’m hanging up the planning calendar and since the new semester is coming up soon, the camera will be hidden as well.

2 Responses to “No Time”
  1. nubian163 says:

    And I will be planning my graduation party weekend when I get my Master’s Degree as well as my summer for 2012. 2011, expect little to no events from me.

  2. sdukez says:

    I hate wasting my time. I feel like it’s valuable and quite precious. Never been big on the planning. The day I get married (whenever that is) I think I’ll have someone else do it. I don’t plan big events but I’ll definitely play an important part in them.

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