BET’s “The Game”

Users of Facebook and Twitter have missed my commentary on the first episode of “The Game,” which premiered on BET this past Tuesday. That was simply because I was too busy caught up in the show to comment on it; however, I did write down all the things that stood out to me.

This episode was 1 hr long and definitely was too many events going on for it to be the first episode. I don’t care how anyone feels about that episode, I feel it was too intense. One thing that I didn’t like (which isn’t a big deal) is the quality of the camera that the producers used. I also didn’t like how they changed the homes. I know 2 years passed and a lot can happen in 2 years, but I miss the comfort the old homes the characters owned. If I had an opportunity to change some things in the episode, it would be to make sure the viewers weren’t able to predict some of the scenes that came next (some from the Facebook and Twitter worlds were able to).

(If anyone feels annoyed about my upcoming comments or some way, please comment, I like to hear opinions or if you’re too annoyed, get out of this post.)

In no particular order, I’m going to go into the sequence of what I wrote down.

  • Malik was trife throughout this whole episode. He’s in the midst of an affair with his boss’ wife, continued to talk down to TT (in private and mostly public settings) and then proceeded to sleep with his girlfriend. Regardless of whether Malik gave TT money for his business, TT was always there to pick up after Malik for at least more than 1 season and was there when he needed him. Malik was just trife and the fact that he around with Megan Good (boss’ wife) in public shows that he wanted to not get caught, but flaunt the fact that he was fucking her. If I was TT, I would’ve fucked Malik up or at least throw some electrical device in the pool (while they were in there). Based on the face and attitude Malik gave TT when TT realized his girl was in the pool, you can tell he has that IDGAF attitude and is only out for himself. In sum, the thing that bottles my mind is that both men are cousins!! HOW DO YOU DO THAT TO YOUR COUSIN?? And how do you have some chick (Megan Good) repeatedly disrespect your cousin in public like he’s a waiter is trife as well.
  • So I’m sure everyone seen Sheree (from RHOA) in one scene and my thoughts about that was really? Why is she always trying to be in something? She doesn’t have any special talent, why is she constantly trying to pick up something new? I’m glad she was in that one segment because she would’ve done just as bad as she did in other talents she tried to pick up. For her to have been in that scene for 2 minutes, she still did bad… 2 thumbs down for bad acting.
  • Janay…. Janay…. Janay…. I was upset with her when Melanie said DJ wasn’t Derwin’s. Throughout the seasons, I really liked Janay and know after viewing all of this episode, I still like her. But for those few moments, I felt like she let me down because I thought she was a good woman. Despite how everyone wanted Mel & Derwin together, I felt like their situation was a common situation that happens between normal people and I felt that compared to lots of other women, Janay wasn’t that bad. I certainly heard and witnessed other women who were in Janay’s shoes and was being complete assholes about the situation. So to find out that DJ wasn’t Derwin’s at first made me feel for a second, Janay didn’t react like other women, but she was just as devious as most were. The fact that she gave Derwin that shocked look when he asked her (and no response) also made her look guilty. Hopefully things work out for her later during the season.
  • Tasha dating this new man Dante (who turns out to be Terrence J from 106&Park)…. c’mon son!?! Really? She was right when she said she was doing more than just cradle snatching. He seems like he’s younger than Malik?? Terrence acting in the episode was ok, not nothing big, but ok. I just want to see what happens when Malik finds out about this because WW3 will happen. My first opinion when I watched the episode was that the producers could’ve picked another person to play Dante, but hopefully Terrence won’t annoy me like he does at times during 106&Park.
  • While waiting for the show to come back, my main thought was… are Kelly & Tasha friends again or no? Come to find out, they aren’t. Will they be friends again… based on this episode, maybe not, but I hope so. I feel like Kelly needs to get over it by now because they were already breaking up before Tasha hooked Jason up with Camille. And I feel Tasha didn’t do too much, but introduce them, everything else happened on its own without Tasha. Their argument over Melanie’s phone was hilarious though… “I hand out ass whoopings and lollipops!” I can’t. Kelly got hood over the years.
  • Speaking of Kelly, we get to their 2 minute cameo that Britney made. Brit Brat is more of a brat now and is uglier than before. They need to get a new person to play her because her acting skills weren’t all of that either. I really don’t have anything to say about her except she’s ugly and can’t act.
  • (I know I’m going all over the place, but I apologize). I also want to go back to TT for 2 seconds and congratulate him because although he got played in the episode, he was telling Malik he not helping him no more, wasn’t being his flunky anymore and was being independent.
  • Kelly is also fucked up because she had the people for the TV show record that DJ wasn’t Derwin’s. Hopefully she doesn’t put that on one of her episodes and that situation does not leak. Now that I reflect on it, I’m not sure how I’m going to feel about Kelly this season being that she is being on a “spiteful, it’s all about me, my time tip.” She might be one of the main problem kids of the show (although they all got issues lol).
  • Melanie… Melanie…. Melanie…. despite her dramatics, tears and her antics, I still loved her. After this episode, I lost some respect for her. How were you so willing to tell Derwin that the baby wasn’t his, but when you found out it was his, you’re now conflicted and all quiet? Melanie was fucked up because Derwin did need to know the truth, but there was no reason why it needed to come from her. She was being selfish at this point and figured that if DJ wasn’t Derwin’s she could still have a chance to give him his first child. I lost some respect from her because now that she found out the truth, she’ s no stuck and conflicted… and it’s only because her ideas didn’t work. So now my question is… are you (Melanie) really going to let this boy go through some time in his life without a father? This shows me that the saying is true… “Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional.”

I know that was a lot to read, but hope you find it interesting and will add your opinions. Thanks for the time…

Remember, the next episode comes on Tuesday, same time, same place.

5 Responses to “BET’s “The Game””
  1. GeniYves says:

    I jus wanted to let you kno I read this and i feel the same about many things. In total I was offended by this episode. the cameras like you mentioned pisted me off. I dislike Megan good. Kelly is taking everything too far. the new Britney upsets me and I cannot believe Melanie, but if it were not for that last bit of drama I doubt I would have tuned in next week.

    • nubian163 says:

      Thanks for responding, do you dislike Megan Good because of her character in the show or her in general? (I know it was semi-off topic, but I heard a few people say that so I was curious in your answer)

  2. Qu33N Lilz says:

    I agree with most of the things you said, some of the acting was a little cheesy, Malik was just straight up grimey and I agree with the first person above about Megan Good. I dislike her because she is ALWAYS playing this type of role ” the girlfriend, or side chick” always kissing somebody like come on they could have gave that part to someone else. I have a feeling kelly and Jason might end up hooking back up. My sister says she wouldn’t surprised if Janay tries to get full custody of DJ because this is not the only time Derwin questioned her about it. and I believe megan good gets pregnant so then what

  3. nubian163 says:

    If Megan Good gets pregnant… she won’t know who her baby daddy is, but either way Malik is screwed since he hopped over that fence. I’m not too sure about Kelly & Jason yet, I guess we will see how that plays out.

  4. sdukez says:

    I can’t with the events of that 1st episode. I wasn’t a loyal fan of the show once it moved to BET but sheesh. Watching it this time, I was just upset at alllllll ALLLLL the trife shit that was happening. The DNA test, the sleeping with boss’s wife, the MILF relationship, the reality show within a show, the rude daughter of the divorcees. SMH at it all. But I might watch the next episode.

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