Black Women Are No Good

Thanks to one of my Twitter followers, I was able to get my hands on a link. Before I post the link, I just want everyone to voice their opinions, while I voice mine and everyone respects each other. The link that I grasped my hands on was this:

Black Women Are No Good (Click Here For Link)

Just in case you decide not to listen to the whole clip, this is about an Ethiopian woman, who voices her opinion about how African-American women (not of West Indian descent) are no good. She feels that all are desperate, loud and that no man wants them, so they attempt to date outside their race for intimate relationships. While she was voicing her opinion on Black women, on the low, she attacked Black men as well (hopefully you notice that if you watch).

How I feel about the video is I respect her opinion, since everyone is entitled to one, but it doesn’t make sense. Why it doesn’t is because she didn’t have any real statistics or any reason to label Black women as no good. How can she say 50% of Black women in America are no good?? You don’t even know 25% of the Black women in this country, so why would you put all of them in the same category? It is evident that she has a vendetta against Black women, what it is, I’m unsure. One of the top vendettas could be that a Black woman stole her man or she got into a few conflicts with Black women, that made her generalize all of them.

Videos like this shows that in 2011, people are still prejudice against each other without having a reason to label everyone as a whole. Like I said, she’s entitled to her own opinion and I feel that no Black woman should take offense to her being that she sounds very ignorant in the video with inaccurate facts. Folks, just don’t be blind… prejudice people and racist people still live!

6 Responses to “Black Women Are No Good”
  1. LMAO!!!! Where is she coming from talking about Asian men and Black women??? Yeah, someone must have done something to her.

    I think that she is very sheltered. 90% of Black women were raised by a single mother or grandparent and were raised in an urban community?? All Black communities are in ruins???

    She needs to take a few Black studies classes, open the newspaper once in while and read “Black Skin White Masks” by Frantz Fanon.

    All I can say is, she’s wrong… Period! And she needs to get out more!

    i’ll leave it there for now! 🙂

  2. Tremayne says:

    Not that im African American but to label a whole culture as no good? Who are you to decide that? Your voice should not be heard, take a session in political science as well before rationalizing personal experiences with issues of our world.

  3. ARIELle Peters says:

    Doesn’t everyone just love the 1st amendment >>>scratches head, well it is obvious that this is based on her own opinion and she doesn’t have sufficient facts to at least back it up, but I bet that wasn’t her intentions.

    Unfortunately, Black people are misunderstood and at times people focus to much on the negative. There is more to understand than just race, at times its more or less a social class issue. Black people are misplaced within culture, society, etc… Its not suppose to be perfect no race is, but everyone feels that we have it wrong well there is no “right” way.

    I can write a paper on this lol, she is obviously ignorant and should take some Africana Studies classes to help further her education…plain and simple. She should start with Black History Month just a suggestion ::sigh:: as the title says pray for her, Good insight

  4. I didn’t watch the video for a lot of reasons:

    I’m not the one to sit in for bashing of any sex. I don’t care what your basis or foundation is. Unless you’ve experienced it, you’re in no place to generalize so ignorantly. Don’t do it. African American women are not the same. There are a lot that are and the ones that are “loud”, oh well. Stop worrying about them. Stop talking about (insert race)(insert sex) are no good. You don’t know that. There are so many good men and women out there. It’s such a damn shame. ugh. I have a lot to say but I’ve made my point.

    • nubian163 says:

      So apparently, this lady deactivated her YouTube account, so no one can find the video. That was definitely a punk move because now she is pulling back on her convictions. If you’re a woman who believes that Black (American) women are desperate, don’t publicly talk about it and then decide to back up and hide.

  5. Niquelle says:

    Yeah I couldn’t see the video but me personally I can’t even sit here nor can anyone sit here & bad mouth a certain culture & their gender but yet we don’t even have it together ourselves. Aside from her ignorance, how can she sit there and say that since no one wants black women so they go outside of their race to date. Love is love regardless of race, I never saw the commandement that “Thou shall only seek love within their own race & no other” like how do u sound???? She probably took it down because she realized how stupid she probably sounds expressing that.

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