Stats Will Be My Death

In school, I was always average or exceptional (depending on the topic). I usually understood the work and if I didn’t, I was able to make sure that I re-read the work.


Now, in grad school, the work isn’t what I would call hard or always confusing, but just tedious. And there’s when my stats class comes in. Basically, stats is not only tedious, but it is challenging, especially if you don’t read or listen carefully. It’s one of those topics that you either get or you don’t. There’s no gray area or any in between.

Faithfully, every week my teacher kills us with problems and 95% of the time, I don’t understand what’s going on. The way he explains the work on your online tutorials, he makes it sound simple and when you do the problem with him, it is. The only problem is, the problem he gives us to do hardly applies or has anything to do with the examples he gave.

In sum, this just kills the students for the week and we just hope for good marks and can’t wait for the class to be over. Every week, I go through the same cycle of being confused, having to read more than once, look at the problems a few times before doing them and finally on Sunday (the day it’s due,) I manage to get some stuff together and make sure I submit it on time.

And with all this stress, I still get good marks. So, I’m assuming it’s safe to say that I am passing the class so far, I just get lost every week. If anything else isn’t the death of me, my statistics class will be. Just 5 more weeks until I’m done with this class… I definitely can’t wait.


P.S. An example of the online tutorials we get is tagged onto this post.


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