I was always a Disney kid, always loved the movies they produced, the animation, everything. Even though I am older now, I still have a love for Disney even though I noticed the tom foolery it has. Although Disney is supposed to be strictly for kids, they manage to subliminally show adult footage. Bambi, one of Disney’s most famous movies, has been one of the few I never managed to watch while growing up.

So, I decided with the help of my friend, Netflix, to get the movie and see if it’s filled with foolery. As of 2009, me and my friend Tiyawni were observing Disney movies filled with princesses to see any connections they may have had with The Frog Princess (before she came out). Now, we just watch it and may collaborate to produce future work on it.

Bambi, which didn’t have any human princess, wasn’t too bad compared to the other Disney movies produced. Here are my thoughts:


  • It was crazy how the deers were considered royalty (i.e. prince) and that sort of “master of the forest” when I’m sure a bear can eat and kill a deer. It’s also ironic that bears were not seen in this movie.
  • For Bambi to just be a newborn, he was pretty tall.
  • Was I the only person (who didn’t watch the movie previously) and think that Bambi was a girl?
  • Throughout the movie… where was Bambi’s dad? Why was his mom a single-mom? Disney never shows both parents as being together and living in one household. If they are, there is one parent who is dominant over the other (usually father dominant over mother).
  • Bambi learning how to walk and talk with friends shows that nothing is learned in the household and parents are no longer active.
  • I was lost in the part where Bambi’s mom took him to the meadow if she felt it was unsafe. Why wouldn’t you wait until he was older and more experienced?
  • When the girl deer (Bambi’s future wife) meets him, she starts flirting and throwing herself at him. This shows that women need to promote sex and their assets instead of what’s in their mind. Flaunting their sex appeal helps them get attention whether it’s positive or negative attention.
  • The girl deer going crazy when Bambi spoke to her shows how females main goal was to make sure they got the guy. Getting the guy to give her attention showed her that using her assets does help her. The sad part was that the girls weren’t even trying to hide that they wanted some attention.
  • The part where Bambi’s mom died was definitely OD. Luckily they didn’t make it too graphic.
  • Glad that the father finally came and took responsibility for raising his child once the mom died. Bambi’s father not raising him in the beginning can show potential men that it’s ok not to raise their child and be in their lives because the mothers will cover that area.
  • When they got older, the girl deer showed how she needed a man (Bambi) to defend her and watched as they fought over her. Never once did she break it up, but she made sure whenever she was in danger, she was a defenseless female as Bambi (the strong male) ran to her rescue.
  • Bambi and his future wife running around after the fight symbolized them being together and symbolized them having sex.
  • The fact that they had strictly animals led others to believe that people were the cause of the animals being murdered, but never showed them was an aspect that I liked.

That’s all I have… let me know your comments, questions &/or concerns.

One Response to “Bambi”
  1. I don’t have any words for you Norman! Lmao I haven’t seen Bambi (SPOILER ALERT would have been nice) but now I feel like someday soon, I’ll make time to go in on the foolery. ^_^

    LOL @ you breaking this down like that

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