Being Free

Having freedom was always a topic that most didn’t take advantage of. Some people may feel that having freedom is having the option when it comes to making choices. This is a factor of being free, but being free is more than that.

When one is free, one can stand on their own, one can make choices without worrying about the reactions from others. One is not restricted from following rules and regulations, you just make up your own as you go by.

Mindset also applies to freedom. One’s mind is usually clear and if it’s not clear, the situations tend to not be too complicated. Synonyms that one can use with freedom is:

  • detached
  • unconstrained
  • exempt

Based off of this simple post, do you feel you as a person (regardless of demographics) is completely free in America? Although we have the First Amendment, current and past events obviously shows us that the First Amendment has its limitations. In terms of individuality, do you fit any of these values?

*This is just food for thought, hope it has you thinking.


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