I Love Female Orgasm

Last night, I chaperoned an event on campus entitled, “I Love Female Orgasm.” To summarize the just of the event, a couple came to campus and spoke about various ways females can get orgasms. From the program, these are notes I took from it:

  • “Why do women fake orgasms? Because men fake foreplay.”
  • Porn does not show diverse range of shapes and sizes of private parts.
  • Research says the more a man masturbates before 30, the less chance they will get prostate cancer.
  • It takes the average woman 20 minutes of stimulation to get an orgasm & average man 2-5 mins.
  • In a survey, the fastest way for women to get an orgasm is masturbation, while the most favorite way for them to get an orgasm is receiving oral sex.
  • Missionary position can help women get an orgasm since this is the point when their clitoris receives stimulation.
  • Best ways for females to get orgasms: start by yourself, befriend your body, befriend your vulva, touch yourself experimentally, touch every day, try some good vibrations and use fantasy.
  • Orgasms help you sleep better, reduce stress, food cravings and headaches.

I may have shared those facts with some of my readers, but I’m going to change this into a discussion. Research shows that 70% of females have never received an orgasm. In the world of sex, that number would be considered sad and my question to women are: Are your sexual experiences a bang, bang, bang and then we’re done or is it more?

Sometimes people who never receive orgasms feel there is something medically wrong with them and their partner and in rare cases, it can be, but usually its the way that one does it. My question for the men are: Do you care if your partner receives an orgasm or not? Why or why not?

My opinion on my female partner receiving an orgasm would depend on our relationship. If she is a one night stand, most likely I’m not going to care what happens. If she is a girlfriend and we’ve been dating for a while, then of course having orgasms would matter to me. If we are messing around, it would depend on how our relationship would be in and outside of the bedroom.

*Any other topics can be explored and discussed, just make sure you respect each other’s views.

One Response to “I Love Female Orgasm”
  1. Anonymous says:

    Well, when I was in a relationship my sexual experiences were pretty good. Definitely, not a quickie!!…i don’t like boring sex!!… but of course at the time we were committed to one another and it was deeper than just sex. That was just the topping on the cake, but after that relationship ended I had to find other means of releasing I guess…that’s when I l started to experiment with myself, and learned a lot about my body. I learned that I have a quicker orgasm when I pleasure myself than with someone else. No, one knows your body better than yourself. It also helped me with sleep and stress.

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