Cheating.. Low Down Dirty Shame


From the beginning of time, cheating has been a problem in certain relationships. Some say males cheat more than females, and some say females cheat more than males. Regardless of that theory, cheating has been a problem and still is a problem in today’s society. Because of those cheaters, there are souls who are lonely and try to have mottos such as: #teamheartless, and “love don’t live here no more.”

With cheating, comes various circumstances leading that person to cheat on their partner. Sometimes it could be because they were coerced, because they wanted to or “things just happened.” Here’s the scenario I’m going to paint for my readers and you tell me your thoughts.

Picture this: man and woman been dating for 3 years. With every relationship (including this one) comes sex, arguments, dates and meeting of the family/friends. Let’s say one day the man finds out the female cheated on him with a co-worker. What should he do? Should he leave her because she made that one careless decision, while all her other decisions previously in the relationship was great? Should he stay with her because maybe she may “change her ways?”

What should he do? Here’s another example. Two females have been dating each other for six months, their relationship was ok. They go out occasionally, they met each other’s friends, but not family. They at times get into arguments and once in a while, it gets physically. One day, one of the females are talking to her best friend (who happens to be a man) and they end up sleeping together. The other female finds out. What should she do? Should she leave her partner now because she had heterosexual relations with her best friend? Should she stay with her partner.. what should happen?

The reasoning for these questions is because I hear most people listening to their friends about what they should do with their cheating partners. I also hear a good amount of them worrying about what other people think if they leave or stay. In other situations, there are people who would stay or leave based on other factors including materialistic objects and other reasons. There currently is no manual saying when you should leave a partner due to cheating, so how do people know when to leave or stay?

When would you leave? What would you put up with and why? Would you do it for your own reasons or to satisfy others?

*Wisdom from Normie: Think about all of these questions and the answers that best fit for you as an individual before you decide to make a drastic decision.


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