A Court Battle Over a Husband’s Rage

Domestic violence has been an issue that has always been prominent in society. Fixing the problem has just been something that has recently started to happen. Everyone knows that no matter what age, religion, gender or sexual orientation, anyone can be subject to facing domestic violence (meaning NOBODY’S SAFE).

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In this article, after facing several forms of abuse from her husband, a woman decides to fight back, but instead kills him. The wife, Barbara Sheehan has been charged with second-degree murder. The wife is charged because at the time of the murder, it does not show that she was acting in self-defense and regardless of the circumstances, a man is still dead.

One thing that was mentioned in the article was that the man was abusing her and several people knew about it. If everyone knew about the case, why are they now coming forward with the information they knew after the murder occurred? I’m assuming they’re doing it to make sure she is not going to prison, but no one was thinking of telling an official when she was constantly being assaulted.

One thing I noticed that Dwyer (the reporter of the article) mentioned at the end is that he already had a gun in his hand as he was shaving the day he was murdered. The case, being two years old, will be discussed more in the upcoming trial this year.

Based on this article, it shows that although women are considered “equal” in society, they are still considered otherwise in some eyes. Domestic violence is still alive and although it did not mention whether she can be considered psychologically stable, the battered women’s syndrome might be an argument that the defendant will use.


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