One Chance “Aint No Room For Talkin” Mixtape

One Chance

For all of those who loves to stay up on their music game, DatPiff is a great Web site to join. It allows you to listen to hundreds of mixtapes from famous artists, up-and-coming artists and their videos as well. So, the mixtapes you buy from the dollar man, you can possibly find here as well.

As I was checking my DatPiff account on my iPhone, I noticed that the group One Chance (the guys Usher managed) has a new mixtape. I decided to give it a try and I’m very glad I did. In my opinion, the beats are good, they don’t sound bad in the album and I would listen to it as I’m going to work or wherever.

The name of the mixtape is “Aint No Room For Talkin” and most of the tracks are produced by T-Pain, which some of you can tell if you heard other works that T-Pain created. I’m not posting this because I’m a fan or they’re my favorite, I’m just promoting it for my readers just in case they need something new to listen to. I’m definitely promoting DatPiff for those who do not have DatPiff, because it’s great.

If I was you, I would put it on my phone right next to Pandora (which I have).

Hopefully for them, they get some more air-time in general because I feel the R&B game needs some new voices in it and I feel it has lacking for some years now. In terms of ethnic music, we’ve been focusing on so much Rap that we forget about the type of music that relaxes us and gets us in “that mood.” Besides, we need another boy group around.

For those that need the exact link to their mixtape on the website, here it is.

Click Here For Mixtape -> Aint No Room For Talkin


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