Celebs & Degrees

The media and history stresses the importance of obtaining a degree in different ways. Some including showing commercials about higher education, having television shows based off the fun a college student has, etc. It’s ironic how the media does this, but does not use celebrities to stress this importance as well. The most they may do is have the celeb attend a rally or event.

What I feel may be more effective is if the celebrity leads by example. Yes they have a busy schedule, but if you show the youth that getting a good education is not for nerds, then more people would apply.

One thing that stood out to me while I was at work one day was when I read the 6/6/2011 edition of People’s magazine. In there, it had a section where they can talk about different accomplishments celebrities achieved. One section, titled Graduation, had one celebrity by the name of James Franco, under the category. Franco just graduated this year (2011) with his Master’s Degree from NYU and is pursuing a Ph.D from Yale.

I’m proud to see that he still made time to get his degree despite being busy; however, I am not proud that he was the only person in that category. More people need to be about what they say and if certain celebrities promote education, then they need to lead by example. Go out there, help our young leaders become powerful and live up to their potential.

If we have more celebrities getting degrees, imagine how powerful we as a whole can be.


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