Get A Break!

As you all have heard of my complaining and my hard work I had to put into grad school, as of now, I have an official break!! My last break from school was in December, but now I can relax a little and have time for myself. In terms of work, I will have break  from my other job, leaving me with more time to relax and do other things.

Any suggestions on what I should do?

So far, I’m going on a cruise in 3 weeks, my master thesis is work that never ends so I have to continue that, I planned a few events with friends, but I will still have time until I start work again in mid August. I was hoping that this would be the time I could use to work on my first book; however, I’m not sure how far I would get on that with my thesis still in the balance.

I guess I will read more books that I enjoy or I would catch up on sleep. Give me suggestions folks!


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