Summer 2011…. What Happened?

So summer is coming to an end, people are getting ready for school again and work is about to be back in action. Now that August is almost half way done, the question of the hour is: “Where did summer go?”

Out of all the summer’s I experienced, Summer 2011 came and went faster than any other. Not only that, but this is the first summer where people regularly went to the beach. Now you know when people are in the month of August and realized they still haven’t went to the beach yet, there is a problem. Not only has the beach been absent from most people’s summer, but summer theme songs have been also.

Currently, there is no song that you always hear blasting in someone’s car, lyrics spitted out by fans and favorite videos out. There is nothing we can really play over and over again until we felt it was enough. Now when you realize there are no summer anthems, there’s a problem. Yea, we have Jay-Z & Kanye, but there are people who are in both sides of like and dislike, rather than like.

In addition to that, people have had good moments this summer, including me, I’m not going to lie, but there has not been any big “highlight” that people will always talk about. Only thing we may have is a few outings and events that were good, but they weren’t worth talking about for weeks now. So people, my question is “What are we going to do about it?”

We can’t let Summer 2012 start and end this way. It definitely needs to be better and in my opinion, Summer 2011 is what you made it. If you attempted to go out or plan events, like I did, then it wasn’t so bad. But if you did nothing and waited around until something popped up, then I feel your summer sucked. (Don’t get me wrong, although I tried to make myself busy, there were times where I said this summer sucked). But folks, let’s start planning now… what are we going to do to make next summer better than this? What are we going to do to entertain ourselves while not splurging money? Start getting it together because just as quick as this summer came and went, Summer 2012 can do the same.


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