2012… The Year of Progression

Now that December is here and the new year is arriving, everyone is thinking about their New Years Resolution. People always say one does not have to wait until the next year to start; however, waiting until the new year does help out most. In my case, I will wait until January 1, 2012 to put my resolutions into action because I want that fresh start. 2012 to me means “The Year of Progression” and I want to use this motto in all aspects of my life (whether it’s in my love life, my professional and social life). In no particular order, below is my New Years Resolution/Goals I would like to complete:

  1. To be a better son, cousin, grandson, brother, friend and Phrat brother.
  2. Start on my first book.
  3. Travel to at least 3 places I never been before (inside and/or outside the U.S.)
  4. Get a career that I love.
  5. Be content with decisions I make regarding my life without stressing over the opinions of others.
  6. To save more money.
  7. To continue to excel in anything I want to, but remain humble at the same time.

Right now, I do not have anything else, but I will just focus on this and hopefully the Year 2012 will be a great one. A good tip is that one should make a goals list of what they want to complete for the year and scratch off anything they completed once it was completed.


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