Love & Hip Hop

Love & Hip Hop is a reality TV show about the lives of women who surround themselves with Hip Hop Artists. Currently, the show is in its second season and has really showed us a bit of who these women were. The women of the show are:







Teairra Mari

Although the second season started a month ago, it has been interesting to say the least. Chrissy is the “fiance” of Jim Jones, who has been exposed to the game due to her relationship with Jim. This season, she has shown that she can be stubborn and shown that if she has a problem for you, it’s over for your life. Chrissy has even had issues with Jim’s mother this season. Jim’s mom, who treats him more as her man instead of her son, wrote a diss record towards Chrissy. The record appeared on World Star Hip Hop and Jim even spoke to his mother about it so they can all try to reconcile their differences. Although the beef is squashed, Jones’ mom is still trying to make money off her “business.” Another issue Chrissy has is her relationship to Jones… Jones supposedly accepted her marriage proposal in the last season; however, he doesn’t claim her as his fiance, only his “lady.”

MY THOUGHTS: Jim Jones’ mom needs to stay in her place and let her son live his life. Smothering him the way she does makes it look like she wants him (which is incest). In terms of her relationship with Jim, Chrissy needs to face reality and stop giving Emily advice and follow her own. Although Fabolous played Emily numerous times, she did make a move and leave the situation. Chrissy not only is still in the situation, but had to get Jim another engagement ring after he lost the first one. Now does him losing the first one not send a sign??? **Note: The good thing with Chrissy is that at least she can get up and leave easier being that she has no children with him.**

Emily is Fabolous’ baby mother and is in the design portion of the Hip Hop Game. This season Emily finally wised up and left her “man” after getting played on many occasions. A twist to her leaving came around when Kimbella confessed to sleeping with him while Emily was pregnant. Although Kimbella was wrong, I feel like it was a good thing that she came out with the story early in the game. Other than Emily not dealing with Fabolous’ drama, she really doesn’t stand out to me. I feel that now that she is off his coattails, she can finally get herself together and we can see more of her character.

MY THOUGHTS TOWARD THE FIGHT: When Kimbella confessed to what she did, Emily was shocked, but Chrissy took matters into her own hands and swept the floor with Kimbella’s body. In terms of this fight, I understand why Chrissy stood up and said something; however, it was technically none of her business and she didn’t need to step up for Emily being that Emily is a grown woman. In that situation, “You can’t help someone who doesn’t want to help themselves.” In other words, if Emily didn’t want to speak up, she didn’t need Chrissy to fight the battle for her.

Yandy has been a manager in the business for a while. Watching her speak, I noticed that she has bird tendencies. Despite that, she handles what she has to do well (from what I see) and she seems like the one of “the good guys” who just doesn’t get the bigger picture. Yandy is one of those people who says how she feels without checking to make sure it makes sense first. In the episodes, that has got her in some type of trouble (especially with Chrissy). I really don’t hate Yandy or have anything positive to  say about her, she is just one of those people who are in between with me. Yandy’s relationship with Jim is also interesting because she manages him (which was something new to find out) and they’ve been getting into a few altercations this season.

Other than the stuff previously mentioned, Kimbella seems like another person who says how she feels without checking to make sure it makes sense. This “model/dancer/actress” is someone who came out of no where and I definitely never heard of her or knew she was affiliated with Juelz Santana at all (same with Chrissy & Emily with their men). One thing that annoys me about Kimbella is that she wants this damn apology from Chrissy. When I hear her talk about it I just want to yell to my TV “Trick she not apologizing so shut up!” She is adamant about this, but I know it’s quiet for her and that apology.

Olivia is a singer who I have a soft spot for. She has been in the game for a minute, but hasn’t gotten her big break. These past two seasons, she’s been trying, but nothing is working for her.

MY THOUGHTS: I love Olivia, but no one knows who she is. She’s not opening up to her audience and she is not singing anything that we haven’t heard already. People have given her constructive criticism, but she takes it as if they’re attacking her. Taking the road she is has been very rough and she needs to either work harder or get a new profession. At this point, no one wants to hear from her, so if she does not make this one good, she can only blame herself.

Somaya is a rapper who came to the season to make it big. At the moment, she has not made it big and is kind of in the same situation as Olivia. The difference is that I feel that Olivia (who has more talent) will not be able to make it because Somaya (who has less talent) can be flexible in what the Hip Hop game currently wants. This season Somaya has calmed down and is trying to make sure things with her and the girls go smoothly. I honestly give her credit for making the attempts, but sometimes she does too much.

Teairra Mari, who has been added late in the season, has shown us she can be as hood as Olivia and as fast as a crackhead who wants the next hit. Teairra, who comes from Detroit, seems to have an ok personality, but I need to see more of her before I make judgements. This season, which is filled with lots of drama will continue to entertain me.

**Please posts comments pertaining to anything I mentioned or anything I didn’t mention.**

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  1. Like I said before, I can’t keep up with these shows. None of the reality shows are “real” enough for me to actually want to watch every week they come on. I think they’re annoying and they can’t overlap with my life in any way so I pay it no mind. Don’t think I have that kinda attention span to dedicate more than 30 minutes to it anyway. Jersey Shore was different. Now that it’s been about the same kinda bickering shit over and over again, I stopped watching. I think I just have this personal vendetta against these supposed “reality TV shows”

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