Taking Chances

As a youngster (lol), I always tried to be cautious of the decisions I made. Some can even say I was a worrier (which is still in me); however, I rarely took risks. There were times when I may have wanted something in life that if I couldn’t get it “the safe way,” I wasn’t going for it at all.

As a young adult, I was able to see the difference in what it makes to take a chance and then take a leap of faith. People who take a leap of faith are people who may make a long-term decision without thinking of the consequences. People who take a leap of faith are people who may do something such as put their home on risk because they think they won’t lose it during gambling.

People who take chances are people who may make a change for their life, which if it gets rough, they can somehow recover. People who take a chance are people who may relocate because of a better job opportunity. Although it may be scary, they are taking a chance that has potential to work.

Taking a chance is something that is not wrong, if it can be handled.  If you’re scared of taking a chance, you’re only withholding yourself from the opportunities you can experience. A bad experience is always helpful because it not only makes you stronger, it allows you to learn and be able to advise others.

Now older, I’m still nervous, but more willing to take chances to get what I want out of life, even if it may seem impossible at first.

One Response to “Taking Chances”
  1. The thing about change that some people realize but won’ admit is “change is often resisted when it is needed the most.”

    And whoop, there it is.

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